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Brie Tawhai Official  👶🏽 Mama to Heath ❤️ J 🏆 Athlete & IFBB Pro 📓 BioChem/Nutrition Massey 🗃 Online Trainer / Personal Development 📩 💻

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The joys of having my hubby as my coach 😏🤫🤭.. @jeremytevaga looking after me as I head into the next half of my challenge! Measurements, photos. Accountability = results. Just because we loook after people and coach others doesn’t mean we ourselves don’t need the same care. Although I am quite capable of loooking after myself, it’s nice to have an unbiased opinion, fresh eyes and someone who can be honest when I need it and someone who can be straight with me. I’m just lucky that he happens to be my man and I respect his Opinion to listen and take his feedback onboard. Do other trainers, nutritionists, coaches etc feet the same?? 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️
Currently not using your typical supplements due to fact that I’m breastfeeding, so my NUTRITION is hugely important at this point and my main focus is keeping a strong milk supply for my boy so my calories are a little higher and I have a very well rounded and balanced diet to support me in all the right places - even though it is different to what I’m usually used too ha🤗 my training is also not at full intensity yet, but I’m listening to my body and doing what I can - over exercising “can” affect milk supply as well. Breastfeeding is intense peeps haha!
Feeling like I’ve just SLAYED this Monday!! F*** YES 🤓🤓 did you achieve today?! #monday #fitness #postpartum

Lunging into the weekend like.............😏😏😏 #weekendvibes who loves training during the weekend? Who loves lunging? Ladies if u want booty? legs? Hammies- don’t shy away from this beautiful exercise: can be done in so many different ways, with weight or not and is hands down a NEED for athletic legs, growth and tone. 🙌🏽🙌🏽 Reverse lunges are me fav😘😘😘 #lunges #track #life

Happy 12 Weeks my beautiful BABY BOY!!! Can’t believe how fast the time is flying, thank you for being the most amazon son son for me and ur dadda. Thank you for sleeping so well and being such a fast learner and dream to teach. Thank you for being patient with me and giving me time to learn about you. Thank you for your laughs and smiles and monster personality, I think you may take after your mama my son, but watch that attitude aye? Haha (oh dear-) ... You are my perfect. !

Exclusively breastfeeding, sleeps through the night, laughs ALLL DAY, has a witching our most days, started teething already and we have got this new routine on lock!!! It is possible my friends to do it all. Watch this space xox


That sexaaaay face you make after a dope training session. How do I look husband? @jeremytevaga 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 anyone else?

My Prince, how are you even real. I’m the luckiest mama alive. Happy Monday my friends😘 #moments

Just uploaded my pregnancy and birth story for you guys! #finally 🤣🤣🤣🤣 LINK IS IN MY BIO (better on computer tho)

I APOLOGISE coz its freeken long (30mins) but it’s my pregnancy and birth all in one, so if ur more interested in my preggo story watch the first half and if ur more interested in my birth watch the second haha! OR watch it all🤣🤣 I go over the ups and downs of my experience, talk about how stretch marks have really affected my self esteem, my birth and journey etc!
Remember, we all have completely different experiences - at the end of the day it doesn’t matter how these lil bubs get earth side, what matters is their healthy and here safely.
Hopefully you can find some of it entertaining or useful - but this is my story and i haven’t sugarcoated anything! #honesty... Keep an eye out for my next vlogs: I go over being a new mum, breastfeeding and postpartum life!! STAY TUNED!!

Mall adventures with son son💙 ahhhh I actually can’t deal with this kid. Mamas - make sure you get out of the house with your babies, I was so scared taking him anywhere at the beginning because I was like... “.but what if he cry’s” .... “what if he needs to feed quickly - I can’t breastfeed in public coz I suck without my pillow” haha all these thoughts — but at some point you just need to say F+**k it, and just go with it. Mama instincts are even higher when away from the house (IMO) so trust yourselves and enjoy feeling normal instead of cooped up!! ☝🏼☝🏼#thoughts #mama

#tb to February this year... Before Heath was earthside and before our world changed forever. No idea what was ahead of us except the fact that we were gonna be the strongest unit ever. 💪🏽 #myfamily

EEEEEEEE, Bath/Shower time is our favourite in our household #onlyweunderstand😏😏. This kid amazes me every day - The way he’s adapted and found his routine, his patience with me and his papa and just life in general. Already he’s been through some tough yards but continues to smile and just bring so much joy to us and everyone around him... Turns out, This little human- only earth side 10 weeks ago, is the one teaching me about what’s really important. X #whostheparenthere #oldsoul #mywiseguy

Up your plyo game and instead of just jumping around add some dynamics and ways to make it more intense. Clearly I still need to work on balance here #standard, but they feel good once you get your whole body contributing to the movement. Arms and legs must be in sync, you have to have enough power in the jump to get the leg back in time to land and with the added resistance from the band it’s creates a pretty intense exercise. Challenge yourself and don’t be afraid to step outside the box even if you know you might fail the first 99 times. 😂😂😂 #Training #plyo #dynamixexercise #explosive

A good way to up your leg game, hammer the core and get in a lil shoulder conditioning. Has anyone ever added this into their workouts? Remember form is paramount for explosive exercises. Try with no weight first, then gradually increase as you get better. Happens to be a fav of mine - I tend to like training more than one body part at a time. Sometimes I would train full body everyday until my bod was sore I needed to rest. Can’t wait to get back to that 🤣🤣🤣 #ilovetotrain #gym

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