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Brienne  Body-positive & taco loving Sony+Zeiss shooter behind the camera for (underwater work: @underwaterbrienne)

Getting in the water with one of my favorite Muses @alexandra_giselle_ today to shoot for Tavik swimsuits. Today will be her third time modeling underwater with me, making her one of my most experienced in front of the lens for 💦water💦 shoots! Can’t wait to make some magic! As always, follow along at @underwaterbrienne for the #BTS goodness!

I don’t post much of my underwater work on this feed (you can see all that goodness on my dedicated feed here: @underwaterbrienne) but I’m giving you a heads up here too! I’m headed under the water with this real-life Ariel (aka @meghanlubeck) in just a few hours! This time I’m teaming up with the incredibly talented @delightfulbyrochelle to experiment with floral design in the water (REAL florals!). Can’t wait to see what happens! Follow along on the insta-stories over there to see behind the scenes!! #experimentalart

It’s sooooo Wednesday today, right? I mean, I’ve gotten a lot done this week already, but it’s definitely that mid-point where I’m looking at at least as much ahead of me as is behind. Feeling strangely motivated this week. Maybe because there’s a camping trip after it ends?!? Time to put my head down and WERK so that I can really relax up in Mammoth come Sunday!

Headed up to the Bay Area at the end of the month and I have room for 2 portrait sessions - one on 8/31, one on 9/2. If you’re interested, DM me ASAP to claim it!

Today would have been this little bean’s 11th birthday. 😭😭😭 I still miss her and her wiggly fluffy butt every day. I know I’ll want a corgi again someday but I’m still pretty heartbroken at the loss of this little one. #sophiebean

I can’t help but be reminded of my own now-big little man whenever I’m around this guy and his big brother. The hair, the eyes... can’t help but be a little extra taken in by them!

Sometimes in life, you gotta stop and smell the...horses? Whatevs, I’m still obsessed with horses #andapparently90sslang #whatevs

Hand-hammered rose gold matching engagement rings for Chris + Josh = PERFECTION 😍😍😍 Cant wait for their wedding in a little over 2 months!

How is it that the days can feel sooooo long but I blink and they’re about to start 4th and 1st grades... I think if I blink again they’ll be off to college! These moments are so fleeting. I don’t wish for the early days again, but time sure is speeding up!

The only thing more fun than pool-side pinup is when it ends with underwater pinup (head to @underwaterbrienne to see this same look underwater)! Excited to be heading back to the water today too with @deborahlindquist and model @lonnielenyea for a publication shoot as well! #pinupgirl

Taco Tuesday is practically a holiday in this house, and while dinner wasn’t tacos, lunch definitely was! Where my Tack Tribe members at?!? 🌮🌮🌮

I used to deny it, but the cold, hard truth? I’m a romantic at heart. I mean, it’s obvious now. How could I not be when I’ve been photographing weddings for nearly 13 years? But I really did spend a lot of my life pretending that I’m “not that girl”. As I’ve gotten more comfortable with who I am, I’ve had to admit that I really am a romantic soul (and an #enneagram4 if you know what that means!). These moments, that right-before-the-kiss pause is always one of my very favorite things (aaaaand it totally reminds me of one of my favorite shows, Outlander, soooo that’s always good!). What about you? Where my romantics at? Any other #enneagram4’s out there?!? Any #droughtlanders? 🙋🏽‍♀️🙋‍♂️

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