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Bridget Francis  Wife to Ryan @cataclysm_fitness Mama to Sage🌷, my heaven dwelling angel YT ❥ Ryan & B Design inspo + blog ❥ @thefeathersnest [all linked below]

When you pull off the highway cause the sky is too beautiful to just pass by 💜

Fav mug 🌿 Fav magazine

Take me back to this moment 🌷6 months of missing you... it will never feel right. You belong in mamas arms. #SageMireyaFrancis [new post up on my blog xo]

the feeling of ocean air... def in my top 5 favorite things ⭐️

may my soul bloom in love for all existence • rudolph steiner

I’ve been having a hard time putting words to my emotions lately, something that normally comes easy to me. So as we celebrated our anniversary this weekend I looked over at Ryan across the table and said “Sorry I didn’t write you a card this year. I was going to but finding the words started to overwhelm me. I just really love you.” And I sat there and cried. Sometimes there are no words for deep emotions. One thing I will say though, is that my Sagey girl taught me to love her daddy so much more 💕

To the man who has shown me a love I never knew could be real 🌹 Happy Anniversary!! @cataclysm_fitness Waking up to you every morning has been the greatest gift I could ever receive. Loving you is easy🌹[full anniversary video on our in bio]

Him ♡ Always him.

for you 🌹 xo


I don’t think we’ll ever get use to where we live 😍 ...and I like it that way.

For the first time in 8 years I have jumped back into putting my health and fitness high on my priorities. So many years passed where it just didn’t click for me... I thought if I wasn’t overweight and felt fine than well I must be pretty healthy. But after this last year experiencing the opportunity to grow a child in my belly and then witnessing my daughter take her last breath — my health has never been more important. I realized how silly it was to ever take my body for granted. I want to live and breathe each day feeling my best, being alert, strong, and altogether my best self. Not just for me but for my family & the children who I know will one day surround our table.💛 — I talk a bit more about my health journey on today’s vlog if you want to check it out. 🙃 #icommitcampaign

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