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Dear Diary: 👩🏻‍💻
This wiener fits perfectly.
#dachshundsofinstagram Watching @thedrpol every night has given me greater appreciation and gratitude for my 9-year-old dachshund. You should be so lucky to have such an animal by your side. We have fast days and we have slow days, but he never stops looking up at me and he’s a master at going with the flow of whatever crazy thing we want to do next. He’s also *always* DTC (down to cuddle). #gooddog #dachshundlove #dachshunddays #wienerdog

Dear Diary: 🐭 Momming is busy, so 99% of the time, I drop the ball on these special “dress up” days for the kids at school. The holidays came and went and we had no bow tie for bow tie day 🙄 and no holiday socks for holiday sock day 🙄 and no elf outfit for dress as an elf day 🙄🙄🙄. But alas, I was given another chance with Storybook Character Day! Today! When Tucker was 18 months old, my mom bought him every book by Laura Numeroff in the “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie” series. I knew they’d come in handy as I had the inspiration I needed to prepare for Storybook Character day!! P.s. this cookie pillow was $16 on Amazon and totally worth not being the one who dropped the ball again. And now we have a Cookie pillow, so win-win! Never mind that we could not find the damn book anywhere - I did find “If You Give A Moose A Muffin” and “If You Give A Dog A Donut” and “If You Give A Pig A Pancake” so three out of four, I’m calling it a win. #throwmoneyatit #motherhood #thesearethedays #lauranumeroff @lauranumeroff

Dear Diary: can’t stop. won’t stop. #thesearethedays #motherhood

Dear Diary 👩🏻‍💻//
Did anyone ever say that family means fairness?? It doesn’t, btw, but I thought I’d check with you in case someone famous said that somewhere. In fact, family usually means things are never fair. Lately, this little guy has not been seeing much fairness at all. When his brother acts up (which is a lot for us lately), they are both forced to receive the same consequences, even though one did nothing wrong. That’s just the nature of siblings - of families. We celebrate together and we suffer together. When one missteps, the other is not rewarded. When one loses TV privileges, the other does not get to watch his favorite show. When one is having a challenge, the other does not get special treatment. It’s not fair, but it is family. The same goes for me and my sibling. We don’t keep a tally of who visited who last or who traveled more or further or first. When one of us needs the other, we go. We keep going. It’s not a competition and no one gets a gold star. Sometimes - most times - it’s not fair. But it is family. If one receives less Christmas presents to learn a lesson, we all receive less Christmas presents. Life with a Kindergartener isn’t always rainbows and finger-painting. Sometimes shit gets real and it’s all hands on deck. I know it’s anything but fair, but it is what family does. So even though my little guy isn’t getting much in the way of fairness, he is learning a lot about family at the ripe old age of three. And he’s still smiling the best smile. Right now, it’s family over fairness. But it all comes out in the wash.

Dear Diary:
The wagyu burger @bandobrasserie with bacon jam and house fries with homemade ketchup is perhaps one of the most comforting, hearty, perfectly-minimalistic and flavorful burgers 🍔 I’ve had the pleasure of eating. Chef says he tries to take familiar favorites and make them the best you’ve ever had. He nails that with this burger and I’m not just saying that because they’re a client. My instinct to add an egg, layer three different cheeses and dunk in an aioli sauce still doesn’t beat this burger. Sometimes, less is more. But speaking of them being a client, Chef just launched a new fall menu with a delicate and flavor-packed pumpkin raviolo and other fall flavor must-haves! I sat down with @fjnevins this week for a taste and we were not disappointed. In fact, we both ordered the same thing (the burger was her idea). I hope you’ll go try them out for lunch or dinner and tell them I sent you! #fallmenu #clientlove #bandobrasserie #vipteam In the meantime, I’ll be working hard with @fjnevins at @profilesbmore waiting for the next chance for a glass of wine and pair of burgers at B&O. And the fries omgthefries. #mybmore

Dear Diary:
The past five years were a whirlwind. I think I did the best I could. I hope he knows someday how hard I tried. On the first day of Kindergarten, I had to fill out a form to help the teacher get to know him better. "How would you describe your child?" I wrote, "thoughtful, compassionate, high emotional intelligence, highly empathetic, smart." But along with all those "feeler" attributes comes a kid whose emotions grow way faster than his body does (which is already above average at 50lbs). Along with feeling the emotions of others, comes a kid who doesn't want to stop playing and would do anything to keep the joy going. Along with being a bit of an empath, comes a kid who makes a kick-ass friend and touches a lot of hearts. All emotions, challenges, teachers and homework aside, at the end of every day, my job is to make him feel like the most loved kid on the planet. That's it. We gave these past five years our best shot, but this ride isn't over and we've got a lot more nights left to tell this kid how much we love him. Here's to a new school year and just loving the hell outta these kids. May they close their eyes every night knowing how hard we loved them.

Dear Diary:
ICYMI: I checked another type of yoga off my bucket list (✅ @floyofit; ✅ aerialyoga; ✅ hot yoga). @shenanigoatsyoga was an amazing experience and part of our #kimptonstory as we worked on location in @visitmusiccity for @profilesbmore and @kimpton! The @aertsonhotel hosted a goat group who put a lot of smiles on a lot of faces, including mine! The breeds were African Dwarf Goat, Pigmy Goat and also just some regular old baby field goats mixed in (some were heavier than others - oof!). They jumped on our backs, battled each other as they balanced on our downward dogs, cuddled with us and climbed on us. For some people, goat yoga is more 🐐 than 🤸🏻‍♂️. We smelled a touch like 🐐 afterward, unavoidably, but the experience was unforgettable. Thank you for signing up with me @fjnevins!! The PR Pros who #shenanigoatsyoga together, stay together. 💁🏻 THIS is the @kimpton difference, y'all! THIS is how you think outside the box. @itsmekri @theverka @jhobbes thank you for the amazing opportunity to use the 🐐 emoji so much and thank you for thinking outside the box. 💕
#prprolife #clientlove

Dear Diary:
My job looks pretty cool sometimes, but what didn't make it into my Instagram Stories were the extra long hours I put in working on day-to-day regular business stuff outside of some pretty awesome conference programming by @kimpton. Work travel is fun, but sometimes you have to work twice as hard to make sure the carousel keeps turning back at the office (something many PR Pros in the room were also working hard to balance!). The @aertsonhotel in @visitmusiccity is incredible right down to the apple/sandalwood/cardamom/whatever shampoo, the housekeeping who organized my mess of cosmetics in a beautiful countertop flat lay design while I was out, the complimentary wine hour before dinner and the delicious night cap waiting for me at the end of the day. Dinner @henleynashville was delicate and delicious. Company at @kimpton is unparalleled and I'm so thrilled to be able to continue my #kimptonstory with @profilesbmore. (I'm coming for those awards next year.) It was both an honor and a pleasure to attend with friend and colleague @fjnevins! Sharing @monacobaltimore and @bandobrasserie stories are what we live for!! So, find a @kimpton property near you and get away to live your best life. It might even include @shenanigoatsyoga. Until next year...#clientlove

Dear Diary:
Sorry I haven't posted in a while. So much has happened, and I'm becoming a lot quicker with IG stories. Have you been following those? ICYMI...
1/I lost a toenail. Yes, really. The One That Went To The Market-and I'll save you the visual so you can sleep tonight.
2/I'm baaaack at @profilesbmore - the ultimate boomerang! You can read about my move to VP in @incmagazine @harvard_business_review and on @linkedin 😁
3/All of my posts will now include #mybmore as I work to help @visitbmore elevate amazing #Baltimore stories!
4/My children are growing too fast and baby 🤒 is strong. Ugh. Not strong enough. But man, those little dudes sure are getting fun and interesting.
5/#bmorecakenwhiskey with @sbcreative_ @ashlene @bforney2 @qcollinspr @baltimorebride @westelmbmore @alyssathomasevents was incredible. Can't wait for the next one!
6/but my toe, tho. 😣
7/Loved connecting with so many awesome influencers this month including @stylishlytaylored @discovercharmcity @theboywiththebluebeard @seemoreeatmorebmore @foodnomad @charmcityfoodadventures @afaroutproduction @charmcitycook and many others!!
8/my curiosity with audio and podcasting is at an all time high, but first, a revamped agency newsletter.
9/so many ideas, so little time. Lots in the pipeline, so really nothing has changed. 💁🏻

Dear Diary:
Everyone wants to know when she's coming home. How much longer will she be away? Why can't she come home now? But now that I'm here, I see the beautiful life she's worked so hard to build. It's not easy putting down roots in a place you aren't thrilled to be at. Even when her heart wasn't in it, she kept going - she keeps going every day. And slowly but surely, her life has happened in the process and beautiful, amazing memories have happened over time. That's what happens, even when you're paying attention and missing your family. Life goes on. The answers to all of the questions might be a little complicated, but she knows where she needs to be and that's an incredible sign of strength. I wish I could bring her home with me, but that would be selfish. So instead I'll cherish every moment I get to spend with her here and I'll see her again soon. We will keep going every day, even when we don't want to. And slowly but surely, an amazing life with incredible memories will just happen in the process. It might be "go time" in the end of the fourth quarter, but this is just the first chapter of a very long, exciting book, @shellymay87. Can't wait for what's ahead, but I could never wish away the rest of this chapter either. #electricboots

Dear Diary:
There's a viral video going around on Facebook right now about a mom and her two little girls. She's wired, trying to get through her day with them, but at the end of the day, the kids only remember the beautiful parts. The video says, "because your normal might be their magical."
Man, I hope my kids remember the cool parts of our day in between the mundane. In between the commands to, "SHARE WITH YOUR BROTHER; KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELVES; etc." and my millionth trip downstairs again to fulfill their requests for milk, grapes, goldfish or all of the above.
I hope they remember how we rocked out to @marenmorris in the car, had pool noodle light saber fights in the aisle at Target, held hands while we walked together, played duck-duck-goose on the trampoline with just three people, lied about our mini golf scores because A for effort, baked banana bread together and feasted on the batter, talked about dragons in the sky, flipped coins into a fountain and wished for everything, and cuddled each other at nap time in favor of phones, tv and computers. I hope they remember the good stuff. But I'm writing it down in case I forget, too.

Dear Diary:
We set out to meet friends at @belairmainst #firstfriday. But happened upon a line for this free event nearly two blocks long! So we did this instead @black_eyed_suzies. I got my beer. They got their chicken and fries. We all sat in the breeze with just enough sunshine to keep us warm but not make us sweat. Just the three of us talked, people watched, ate a great dinner and never had to bump up against a single other human being in a hot crowd. We could still hear the band down the street, but had the best view of every motorcycle and ambulance that drove by (exciting stuff for boys!). We were treated like the kings and queen we are and @black_eyed_suzies had great food and a winning outdoor atmosphere. I also watched a few hot and parched families with small kids come up and the manager approached them, served them all fresh ice water and assured them a 15ish minute wait. They went above and beyond to make sure these families who looked like they were having worse luck than we had were cooled down and comfortable while they waited. Kind people are my kinda people. And we were among them. #FirstFriday may have been a bust for us, but the night we ended up with instead was so much better and a mom deserves a break like that every once in a while. I love it when plans work out better and not worse. I think we won tonight.

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