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Bridget Myers  est. November 28, 1997 PDX-UPS20 // creations--> @hex_handmade

you’re hot. 2000° hot.

pink is powerful!!!💓🧠💕👚🌸🎀

a beachy end to break🔆

suttle lake, not so suttle in beauty

creatures of the landscape

formally dazzled by these people—thanks for letting me tag along @nicki_bou!!!

in case you missed it last night, come see RDG tonight @ 7:30!!!!👯

may only be able to see the top of your head, but still!! paddling your way into your twenties, holy cow! happy birthday sweet matt💓
(also 3 posts in a row I must really like you or something)

hey jay, you look smashing -daisy

considering a career in tiny housing...? also, thanks for a whole year of pure happiness, I love you so much

knockin' socks off since he was chet faker