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Bridget Fabel  Fly Fishing Guide|Bow Hunter|YouTube: Bridget Fabel👇🏻Hand Made Fly Line Bracelets Made By Me👇🏻 FABELlifestyle.COM 👇🏻 WATCH 🎯🎣👇🏻

This is how I feel about being done with finals.. WHOOOHOOO!!! Winter break starts now, but in Florida. Time to fish! 🙏🏻🎣 new youtube just went live for #Vlogmas ! Link in bio! #Freedom

Today’s YouTube video is one you don’t want to miss! It’s episode number 4 of my NJ hunt series and it is by far the day where I saw the most rut action from my stand. During the evening sit I saw the biggest NJ Buck I’ve ever seen from my stand.. but was it chunk?!? You’ll have to watch! Click the link in my bio to see what happens. 🎯🇺🇸🌲🦌 #HuntNJ #BowHunting #Archery #TreeStand #NNJ #SussexCounty

Day number ✌🏻 of my NJ whitetail hunt just went live in youtube. Lots of action in the tree stand! Click the link in my bio to watch 🎯🇺🇸🦌 #BowHunting #NNJ #Venison #SussexCounty

The first video is live for my archery hunt in New Jersey. This is from the day I buy my tag, do my first sit, and check cameras. Chunk was there that day!!! Click the link in my bio to watch. First time using face paint from @hardy_facepaint and I loved it 👍🏻🎯🇺🇸🦌 #Whitetail #BowHunting #Archery #HuntNJ #TheRealNJ #SussexCounty

Today’s YouTube video is a good one from September elk hunting! Elk, cooking, bow hunting, and some real talk at the end about my overall experience of this hunt and this unit. Click the link in my bio to watch! This will be he last elk hunting video for a couple days, NJ Archery Whitetail hunt videos start tomorrow! 🎯🇺🇸🌲 #BowHunting #September #ElkHunting #TrailerLivin #YouTube #Vlogmas

One of my favorite pics from September! Today’s YouTube video is episode 4 of Idaho Archery Elk. Good food, elk, and good sunrises. Click the link in my bio to watch!

Welcome to VLOGMAS! A new YouTube video every single day during the month of December! How exciting! Today’s video just went live and it fills you in on all the videos that will be a part of the series.. LOTS of hunting and fishing. Click the link in my bio to watch!

Bridge & Brook Christmas Cards? 😂 Today’s youtube video features small creek fishing with Brookie, and shooting my .357! Click the link in my bio to watch. All fish were caught on flies from @bugclubflies, use code “BRIDGET” to save. #FlyFishing #Cutthroat #FishingWithCats #357magnum #LifeIsGood

Lots of talk about shed hunting lately, @eric_chesser and I are so excited to start planning some spring trips. Here’s to hoping for more days like this one... my favorite day of shed hunting EVER! There’s somewhere around 10 elk antlers on my back here. It was heavy hiking, my favorite. #ShedHunting #ComingOutHeavy #ElkSheds #MtnOps #VortexOptics #FabelLifestyle #BullElk #MatchedSet #BrownGold #LifeIsGood

Just a week away from this!! #Paradise #FloridaKeys #FlyFishing waterproof backpack: @rockagator (BRIDGET20 Discount) rod @winstonrods 10wt @galvanflyreels grip

Episode number 3 of my elk hunt just went live! Editing these videos makes me miss trailer livin’ real bad. Can’t wait to get back out there! Click the link in my bio to watch. Knife from @tassietigerknives discount “BRIDGET10” on Amazon.

Packing it all up to spend my whole winter break in the Florida Keys again! Watch my latest YouTube video (Link In Bio) to see what I’m bringing, and also to see what’s in this months @huntershaul. I’ve spent all but 1 of all my Christmas’s in Florida, we all ways go down there because that’s where the majority of the Fabel’s are. Can’t wait for some sunshine!

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