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bridget  alaska, nyu ~ below is a song I wrote

She is beauty
she is grace
she is looking the other way

🌦 the only thing better than Juneau at Folk Fest is Merideane at Folk Fest 🌻 @kaley.roo @myolzaalin @rhinomclaughlin @yosoyyessica @garrenvolper @marivolper

Still thinkin bout the delicious birthday cake @jadeariahh made & the party crashers who sang karaoke sitting down
Pc 📷 @emilyrose.m

They pulled off the surprise of the century... Thank you parents and Skelly for making my #21st unforgettable before it’s even started!!

Every day’s a car wash with @jadeariahh

Pseudo prom pics~ finally did right. Taken by @ PatGalvin after the gig.

Sometimes I get too excited when I’m talking about how cool my mom is that my hands grow a mind of their own.

Today I’m proud of my little brother.
Marching along side him and his friends.
Hearing his chants. Watching his activism. And witnessing him making contacts with other young activists.
Today I’m proud of my little brother and his confidence in his feminism and advocacy.
I stand with him, his friends, and their chants.
“Whose schools?” Our schools.
“Whose students?” Our students.
“Whose teachers?” Our teachers.
“Whose lives?” Our lives. “Who votes?” We vote.
#MarchforOurLives @marchforourlivesak

starlet meant for the silver screen 🍀

Flying to Kotzebue as the sun rises 🎶

Moose Monday

i got a lullaby from @jadeariahh 😻

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