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Bridget Edwards {bake at 350}  Hi, I'm Bridget and I like cookies. I write about them on the blog Bake at 350. Author: Decorating Cookies and Decorating Cookies PARTY!

This perfume smells a little like cake donuts. And who doesn't want to smell like that?!? πŸ’•I'm totally smitten.

I've spent the last two days playing with chocolate (lucky me!). Finally settled on this marbled chocolate bark with sugared almonds for @imperial_sugar. πŸ’— #ad #bringonthetreadmill

Off to deliver some baptism cookies for the daughter of our sweet friends. πŸ’•

I've had @addapinch's cookbook in my hands for all of 5 minutes and I can already tell you that you NEED it. I'm serious...need. Oh my word. 😍 Robyn, it's beautiful. #addapinchcookbook

Happy St. Patrick's Day! ☘️I couldn't decide how to decorate these claddaghs, so I made them nine ways!!! Swipe to see more! 😳 (cutter from @trulymadplastics)

Whataburger forever. πŸ” 🍟 πŸ’›

Starting the day by modifying @sweetsugarbelle's reindeer cookie cutter into baptismal dresses! πŸ’•

Not even close to finished, but honestly, I think you could leave them like this and they'd still be so fun! β€πŸ‘‘β˜˜οΈ BTW: this cutter is from @trulymadplastics.

Let's play a little Guess That Shape this morning. (Hint: ☘️ πŸ‘‘β€)

Rainy afternoon well spent. πŸ’›

Oh @heb, your ranunculus are ridiculously beautiful. πŸ’•

Do you see that eagle in the tree?!? I spied him from the car on my way home from Whole Foods. Determined to get a better look, I pulled into a business parking garage near the tree with visitor parking on the first floor only. I ran (RAN!) up nine (NINE!) flights of stairs. πŸ˜… Really wishing I'd had my real camera with me because this bird is BEAUTIFUL in person. πŸ¦…β€πŸ¦… Put on your noticing glasses; you never know what you might see!

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