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Bridgeport Barbell Club  The USA Weightlifting Club of CrossFit King of Prussia @crossfitkop 2018 BBCClassic- 8/11-12 #2018bbcclassic

Front foot elevated split squats to work on asymmetry

Hang snatch PRs (43x1, 40x2) for masters athlete, Marla! @mpach13 @coachstephvincent #bettereveryday #mastersweightlifting #hangsnatch #pr

Congrats to Kris on a new front squat PR (91kg)!! #pr #frontsquat #200lbs @chymyl

Solid block snatch PR at 77kg/169lbs for Briana this morning! @brigk98 @coachstephvincent #blocksnatch #pr #weightlifitng #strongwoman

A job well done to 15yr old Sydney (58kg/16-17yrs) at Youth Nationals today! She went 5 for 6, PRed her snatch and added 20 kilos to her total from last years Youth Nationals! We are proud of you! @jillmhilliard @usa_weightlifting #18NYC #youthweightlifing #strongestkidsinamerica

Good job Sydney! 👏🏽 #Repost @coachstephvincent with @get_repost
I am unbelievably proud of this young lady! She competed in her 2nd national meet and totaled 20kg higher than she did last year (and PRed her snatch). She’s the hardest working youth athlete I have (and I’ve been coaching her longer than anyone else). Her hard work, passion and dedication make her a role model to her peers! Now back to work! #proudcoach #18NYC #youthweightlifting #pr #strongestkidsinamerica @usa_weightlifting @jillmhilliard @bridgeportbarbellclub @crossfitkop

Sydney (58kg/16-17) lifts tomorrow (Sunday) in her second Youth National Championships at 8am on the red platform! Good luck Sydney! Watch here: @jillmhilliard @crossfitkop @coachstephvincent #18NYC #usaw #youthweightlifing #bestoftheUSA #strongestkidsinamerica

Happy Pride month from Bridgeport Barbell Club! #allathletesarewelcomehere #pride #lgbtqfriendly @usa_weightlifting

Tia started our Next Level Lifting Programming in October. So far her snatch went from 52 to 59 kg and clean and jerk from 70 to 81 kg.
If you’re looking to make real improvements in your lifts like Tia, contact us to find out how to get started! “Commitment means staying loyal to what you said you were going to do long after the mood you said it in has left you. Rachel’s programming, coaching, belief in me has been more then I could have expected.” - Tia

#individualizedprogramming #weightlifitng #nextlevel #progress #getyourowncoach @rockabee483 @tia31203

@jessicaerinmell finishes off her 8 week program with an 83# snatch for an 8# PR! If you want to be like her, join our next Olympic Lifting 101 program this fall.

“Snatch: Olympic lift; a swift movement from ground to overhead, an elusive lift only the proficient love.” Looking to love your snatch 🏋🏼‍♀️❤️? We can help with that.
Join our Next Level program to work directly with one our coaches who will design Olympic lifting programming just for you and your specific goals.
Email for more information

#nextlevellifting #putinthework #nothingfeelsasgoodasanicesnatch #snatchtastic #getgoodsnatch #snatchjokesnevergetold @coachstephvincent @rockabee483 @calciajd @tcamerote

A great day of lifting for our youth lifters at yesterday’s Garage Strength Open!

15 year old Johnathan crushed his old PRs in both lifts and total like a champ. 1st in his division. (52/71)

13 year old Grace lifted in her first meet since she broke her ankle this fall and made a snatch PR and showed us she has what it takes to conquer heavy clean and jerks again. 2nd in her division. (41/53)

12 year old Becca made a snatch PR tied her clean and jerk PR and showed poise and focus we are so proud of. 2nd in her division. (18/22)

#youthweightlifing #strongkids #mindandbody #pr #bbc #gameday @jesslovesrich @coachstephvincent

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