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Bridgeport Barbell Club  The USA Weightlifting Club of CrossFit King of Prussia @crossfitkop

Crew team fall strength training has begun!! @coachstephvincent @crossfitkop #gainz #strengthtraining #strongrowers #Repost @pegasus.crew with @get_repost
Saturday morning CrossFit grind😤

OLYMPIC WEIGHTLIFTING 101 starts 9/21💥 Lift More & Improve Technique 💥 Work on your snatch, Clean & Jerk this fall with the BBC!! DM us for details. @crossfitkop @calciajd @rockabee483 @tcamerote @chymyl @coachstephvincent #snatch #clean #jerk #liftmore #improvetechnique

It’s not too late to get in on the fun!! DM is for more information about our Youth Lifting Program! #Repost @coachstephvincent with @get_repost
The school of gains is back in session!! 🏋🏿❤️🏋🏼‍♀️ #youthweightlifting #strengthtraining #buildingathletes #sportsstrength #strongkids @macbenj1776 @mtbc_yogini @ms.steele23 @tadeshokan6 @baez_johnathan_ @grace_.elisabeth_ @bridgeportbarbellclub

Snatch PR (48kg/105lbs) for 15year old Sydney! #pr #snatch #youthweightlifing #teenlifter

Wishing Aimee big lifts and white lights today at Masters Worlds in Barcelona, Spain! Watch her live at 1:30pm EST. @crossfitkop @masters_weightlifting_usa @iwfnet #mastersweightlifting #mastersworlds #barcelona

Congratulations to our top lifters of the day! #bbcclassic18
Top: Overall
Bottom Left: Novice
Bottom Middle: Youth
Bottom Right: Master

Another successful meet, thanks to the teamwork and passion of members of our club! Thanks to all the lifters and their coaches who competed, our sponsors Lifting Culture Apparel & United Mettle and to our awesome volunteers (you’re the best!) @coachstephvincent @rockabee483 @tia31203 @yankeespring33 @ms.steele23 @theresewilson4 @c.h.l.o.e_2 @chymyl @liftingcultureapparel @unitedmettle @crossfitkop @alanj1957 @shawnap523 @rbecks69 @calciajd @faby277 @mkomemi @brigk98 @doodlepoox2 @jenmarie711 @mattjd82

Congratulations to our lifters and their coaches who competed at the BBC Classic today! Jen, Bryan & Chris did amazing at their first meet! Jen went 5/6 and won best lifter, Bryan went 5/6 and Chris went 6 for 6 and set new PRs! Youth lifter, Layla went 6/6 and also set PRs all around! #bbcclassic18 #bbc #bridgeportbarbell #novicelifters @ms.steele23 @yankeespring33 @jenmarie711 @chris_jordan_27 @rockabee483 @coachstephvincent

11 year old Nik crushing PRs! Keep it up Nik and this is just the start! Clean and Jerk 45kg/Clean 58kg/Front Squat 60kg #youthweightlifting #baseballlifters #pr #strongkid #justthestart @nicole_marie_415 @coachstephvincent

Congrats Justin! #Repost @jcamp04 with @get_repost
Warning. The celebration is more than a little excessive. But so thrilled to have finally hit 200 today after chasing it for so long. Programming with @rockabee483 is paying off!
#actlikeyouvebeentherebefore #crossfit #fitness #checkinforcharity #pr @megoneal4 with the sneaky video

Solid work Tia! #Repost @tia31203 with @get_repost
1 kg Snatch PR but it felt so good. @rockabee483 video credit @chymyl @usa_weightlifting @barbellsnbesties #postAOgainz #cheesecakefactory #pastapower

We are proud to announce that Lifting Culture Apparel will be the exclusive apparel sponsor of our event for the 2nd year in a row and providing prizes for our best lifters! Lifting Culture is a company built with the one goal in mind of supporting and upholding the foundation of what makes training a never-ending lifestyle; culture. They will be selling new and exclusive product at this event being that it falls in the same time that their spring/summer line will be releasing. Stay tuned for surprise hints on what they’ll be selling at our event! 📸
Lifter- @usmc_firebreather @liftingcultureapparel #bbcclassic18

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