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GERBEAU Brice  I'm an imagineur. Nothing more or less. Share with your friends! www

A little #skerchdraw done just before going to see #leavenotrace . #hellraiser
And I take time to read the first chapter of #thedawnwall by #tommycaldwell .
By the way, dear @tommycaldwell , your book jumps into m'y hands. Like it said : "draw me". And I'm truly thinking to do it. Si I'll share to you my first sketches as soon as I get it.

Finally! I got time to read these two comic books
The first one called #unmondeenpieces was created by two brothers, #UlysseGry & #GaspardGry, from La Rochelle (France). "If pour society was a giant #chessboard ?". A nice black and white bande dessinée.
And then, I will try to finally read #flashpoint in a Wink :).

Just ended my first "kind of" professionnal #commission for someone who like what I've done and asked me to create a #creatureoftheblacklagoon artwork with #pop colors.

Culture bonus :
In a scene from The Creature from the Black Lagoon, the #Crenature and character played by #julieadams improvise an underwater ballet in which, at times, the actress is show from the "monster's" point of view.
#stevenspielberg will be inspired by the staging of #jackarnold and his musical accompaniment for Jaws's opening.

When you take a break on your first pro commission :).
Pop colors inspired by the #creaturefromtheblacklagoon flipper.
At first, I began this drawing with more realistic colors. I had asked to the women who ordered this drawing if she wanted something spécial on it. But she didn't tell me then.
She asked me later. The drawing was already well started. But no problem! Everything is possible.

Just need a #madmovies #johncarpenter 's interview break before ended this #pieceofart .

#halloweenmovie #artcommission

Eeeeet SALUT à tous!!! Aujourd'hui je vous partage cette #affiche réalisée pour la #webserie #leschroniquesdubazar .
Passez voir les teasers et autres affiches promotionnelles (réalisées par Diane) sur la page Facebook dédiée à la série.
Ce projet, mené par @pierrickplp et @tomym , sera disponible pour vos mirettes dès le 13 septembre.

Allez ! Dépêchez-vous à suivre Les Chroniques du Bazar!

Merci d'avance à vous tous qui suivrez et soutiendrez cette mini série!

Votre cher gribouilleur venu d'ailleurs,

Ceci était un #scenario pour un court-métrage sur lequel je vais retravailler pour l'adapter à la #bandedessinee . Il y était question d'une #légendeurbaine qui amenait vers une histoire plus complexe.
Et ça parle aussi de #tueursenseries .

There, it's a #screenplay for a short movie. Now, I'll work on it to create a #comicbook . It's talking about a #urbanlegend wich brings the story to be more complex. It's also talking about #serialkillers .
Hope I'll be abble to create something great. #darkthriller and awesome characters :).

Hey Folks!
There, some artworks done during #rochefortenbulles #comics festival (bandes dessinées).
#edgarallanpoe #thebatman #benaffleckbatman #deadpool
And my own character #ThomasChapel inspired by the actor named #joshstewart ('cause @j0shstewart is the only one I'll love to see playing Thomas Chapel if one day this character become a famous one).

Fin du festival #rochefortenbulles ! Belle aventure et superbes rencontres.
Pour ceux qui ont croisé mon chemin, n'hésitez pas à me contacter.
Pour les personnes qui ont commandé, je vous contacterai très prochainement.
Merci aux forts en bulles et à @pierrickplp .
Prochaine œuvre à créer : #creatureoftheblacklagoon :)

Party on Dude! Station!
I finally own my #Bill&;Ted comic book. A great pièce created by #evandorkin.
Can't wait tu read this edition!

Quand tu te prépares pour égayer ton stand au salon BD de #rochefort (#roch'fortenbulles).
#festivalbdrochefort .
Du 1 au 2 septembre.
J'y proposerai plusieurs lithographies en #quantitéslimitées .Et des œuvres originales et uniques de personnages connus. Si j'ai le temps je proposerai deux planches exclusives de mon personnage Thomas Chapel pour lequel je travaille actuellement à une adaptation BD.
Ma première expérience en tant qu'artiste graphique sur un festival ! Happy!

#graphicart #drawing #painting #originalartwork
When your getting ready to cheer up your booth at comic salon (Rochefort France). From 1 to 2 of september.
#myfirstexperience on a #comicsalon
Any suggestions ? (@dan.slott ; @aleksibriclot ; @leo_manco ; @jimlee )

New incoming #artworks . At the same time I'm working on a friend's mini web serie poster.
First artwork is #SilverSurfer and #therocketeer un the manner of Soviet propaganda. Inspired by two pieces of art that already exist.
The second artwork is a mix of influences. It's inspired by #themmovie poster with #antmanmarvel and two raster eggs refering to #honeyishrunkthekids .
I will share them finoshed as soon as I can.

Working on a #johnwesleyshipp #theflash artwork. The good old #90s tv serie.
One of the better Flash. John Wesley is born on January!
Better month of the year ^^

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