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Briana Chandler  🔹TURN POST NOTIFICATIONS ON↗️ 🔹Snap/Twitter/Fb: bribaebee33 🔹12 WEEK GLUTE GUIDE 🔹1up Nutrition Athlete- Code: BRIANA20 ⬇My Training Programs⬇️

Signing my lease today so dats cool, but also terrifying 😂

Happy people never try to rob anyone else of their happiness..just remember😉 What kind of words do you speak to others and HOW do you say it? This may reveal more about yourself and your current state than others... Sometimes words sting, but then I remember by accepting that negativity- that of EVIL will win. I REFUSE to buy into that and you shouldn't either!☝🏼️
Song: Truck by Jay Newton ft. Nonso

When the nobody in this song is you...mic drop. No, but forreal, today & this entire week have been hard. I've been trying to stay positive, but I barely finished a decent workout today and I have no desire to do anything. I did abs which is a surprise because I don't like doing abs lol. If you're doing this exercise try to keep your legs straighter than I could 😑. And the pants I'm wearing are loose and hug the crotch oddly cos I lost weight so just bare with me. don't know what I'm trying to say here, just hope I can get out of feeling like this soon. I kno you see the smiley Bri a lot, but it's not always like that

I like taking pineapple bcaas before, during, or after my workouts depending on my mood cos pineapple is life and they help with muscle recovery👏🏻🍍🍍🍍 I get mine from @1upnutrition. You can use my discount BRIANA20 if you need it #1upnutrition
For my glute guide, band program, resistance bands, or total body program head over to my website (direct link is in bio)

Was gonna hit you with a motivational caption ...but I'm at a weird stage in my life rn & I'd rather post what is real to me. I'm moving into a new place in a weeee bit (I think I like the place I found). I'm a very simple person so it should be interesting what this place ends up looking like LOL. Mainly getting furniture cos I have to Hahahah. Then I want to start a YouTube (well I have one, but don't use it a lot yet: it's @bribaebee) , but I don't want to post all about fitness, I want to incorporate some other topics, basically a place to talk to ya'll longer than on my Insta stories (I think mine are getting excessive😹 shitttt). Have to buy a new camera cos the one I bought is way too big and noticeable to take everywhere. Just be patient with me, but excited to see where my new ventures go. How's your summer going so far fam? Leave some topics below also that you would be interested in watching 👀
Extra motivation for this lift provided by @1upnutrition in the form of green apple pre workout. Needed the extra focus and energy or I'd probably spend my workout still tryna learn how to twerk in the studio room ...doneeee 😭😂. If ya rich and don't need a coupon code for the pre-workout, that's cool, but for those who do it is: BRIANA20 #1upnutrition

"Indecision is a decision" START TODAY❤💪🏽️ and wear a smile doing it 😉 Thanks @ctvmorninglive for having me!! Four of my top glute (not flute😅-those with iPhones understand me hahaha) building exercises are on my Instastory🍑🍑🍑 Who is going to try?😜 @melonbooth @jasonpires @keriadamslife

The shirt says 1up not 7up;) Snapfam heard it first (bribaebee33), but I am officially an athlete for @1upnutrition 😍😍😍! Really cool story behind this as I was headed to Toronto for my first time, I was sitting in the car-and I said aloud "God, why am I not sponsored yet??" I follow other 1up athletes such as @anllela_sagra and I always wondered how amazing it would be assume to a role such as that as well. The next minute, I was on Instagram, and I received a message from 1up asking to speak with me further. Here I am now. ❤️ Feeling blessed to represent a company that has a high quality, creative, and great tasting line of supplements🙏🏽. Not to mention the CEO @vadim1up personally reaches out to all of his athletes & has such passion for his team and company. By the way, I posted my strawberry mango coconut protein shake recipe on snapchat today. I will post to instastory as well for those of you who prefer that. My discount code is: 🔴BRIANA20🔴 I drank it right after my leg & glute sesh today for lean muscle growth and recovery😇 #1upnutrition

Don't take the easy route right now just to struggle later!!!
Song: Truck by Jay Newton @ejaynewton ft. Nonso Amadi @nonsoamadi (on Apple Music and Spotify today)😜

Wow I wonder what it's like to pose in front of blue oceans and palms trees, I got this luxury toilet here tho. As you can I see I have a nice tan going on as well from the few rays of sunshine that hit me through the window😹

If you watched you'll first ask yourself is that a broom and then you'll whisper what are those. comment when you see it 😹 #dontask

"Sometimes the encourager, needs encouragement too." What a day 🤕 #treatingmyselftoacai #gimmethefruits #iwantthecarbs

People will tell you what you're not capable of, while forgetting who you are and who you were created to be🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙏🏽

You have the option to say "That's just the way I am" or you have the option to change the habits you aren't proud of. What's one habit you want to change & why (comment👇🏼)? I want to work on not letting my feelings get in the way of my productivity☝🏼️Just because you recognize you have areas to work on, does not mean that you are unloved or not good enough. However, by improving, you show yourself love as well as those around you who may be impacted by your decisions

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