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One soup and salad please🙋🏻‍♀️🍴. I get frequent questions on what my diet looks like. When I say diet I’m not referring to restricting myself from certain foods in order to lose weight. Diet can also mean the foods that you eat regularly. The word “diet” to the public, generally has a connotation of restriction & or punishment.
I used to eat vegetables and meals that I didn’t like just because they were healthy for me. There are plenty of fruits, vegetables, and meals out there that you could love! Why limit yourself to the ones you hate. It makes eating healthy monotonous. You want to be able to make healthy eating a lifestyle, so don’t be afraid to switch up your meals, try new seasonings, find different ways to cook or bake, etc. Know yourself, know what you like. This is very important. Personally, the more I think about food/calories/etc the more it stresses me out so I keep my diet SIMPLE! I eat what I like, when I like. This allows me to have control over food versus the other way around. I find it’s easier to be mindful, but not obsessive, of my portions this way too. “I can always have some more tomorrow!” I always try my best to stay hydrated. I used to carry a gallon of water around campus, this allowed me to make it a habit to drink more water. Whenever I would get anxious during class/homework/studies, I would drink water. I also love having herbal tea! Orange tea, passion tea, green tea, the options are endless. Sometimes I enjoy lattes with almond milk as well😇. _______
Featured is homemade pot roast soup (recipe is down on my IG page, I added green beans this time) as well as a simple salad. In it includes; spring mix, red onions, walnuts, feta cheese, and apple maple vinaigrette. Enjoy my #Brisbabes🌱

My lovelies😇😇😇 How’s everyone doing tonight?? I thought I would go over my current fitness goals (aesthetic wise) as well as my gym schedule as of now (disclaimer- this isn’t set in stone and it varies)! This is a very busy time of year for me, so when I’m not traveling I’m making sure I am headed to the gym to get my workouts in.
My fitness goals: tone up my core some more (I want the side lines to be evident & maybe a *hint* of abs), tone up my back, grow my glutes, keep my legs/quads petite yet defined, round my shoulders and get my biceps to appear when I’m not working out lol. Did I miss anything¿?😂
Workouts right now are about 5 days a week give or take. I don’t usually workout when I travel 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️. I do two leg and glute workouts per week, back day, shoulders/arms/chest day. I add in abs about three times a week. I’ve noticed a difference since I started training abs.
Everyone has different training styles and goals. It think the mature & respectful thing to do is be respectful of those differences. ♥️ I would love to hear what your goals are training/aesthetic wise! Do we have anything in common goals wise?

Got a great lift in today, basically feel dead after it though (still)😅😅😅 Who else?🙋🏻‍♀️👋🏼. I’ve been out of the gym for a wee bit, and I already feel so much tinier 😑 (probably just me lol). Back at it thooooo!💪🏽
The first two exercises I did together as a superset. I love pairing weighted exercises with a plyometric right after, it is so challenging (I added ankle weights as well to #2). The last exercise I show was completed as a burnout. Essentially you use the abductor machine and start with a heavy weight (“heavy” will vary according to what each individual is capable of) and do as many reps as you can. Then, you move up the stack by one (to lighter weight) and do as many reps as you can. You keep going up the stack! After this I stretched & ate my post workout meal. The meal was rice with sauce, chicken, and beef (made by Jay). ☺️ I used to dislike rice, but adding homemade sauce to it makes it soooo much better!!!🤗 I have a recipe further down my page of one if you would like to try hehe!
Snapchat: bribaebee33
🔊ANNOUNCEMENT: Tomorrow will be the last day to purchase my Tight Tummy Guide, Total Body Program (for now), and Band Program as well as my resistance bands. Just a heads up!

Whoever can guess in the comments where I’m headed to next (CITY, lol not state) will get two of my leg and glute workouts from this week😛😛😛✈️ Be sure to like this post as well to be entered. I will choose 5 winners who get it right😏👇🏽 I decided to travel in sweats today😂 #muchmorecomfy #itsalwayscoldinplanes #spraytanforshoot #iknowimusuallypale
Hint: this picture was taken today🤨
Winners will be listed on this post within 48 hours from when this is posted (CST). January 18th, 12:00 Thanks to everyone who entered
Send me a dm when you see this! Congrats♥️
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Personal account: @briana_chandler

Here’s some Brisbabe motivation for you all😍😍😍 #gluteguide Today I have learned to expect the unexpected. Things don’t always go according to plan..or at least YOUR plan, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most out of it. Yes you can cry it out, (I did today in the bathroom of an airport😂), but afterwards girlllll you put yourself together and figure it out!!! If I can, so can you!!!

Would you still be there for me? If things were different? Not everyone runs away while you are at a low #miserylovescompany...some people run away when you reach a high..cos that’s where they long to be👑

Someone else’s talent does not take away from your gifts.
Someone else’s beauty does not strip you of your unique looks.
Someone else’s success does not mean you are a failure.
Someone else shining brightly does not mean you will live a dull life.
We need to feel less threatened and more empowered by others...myself included.

A berry delicious salad coming right up for ya🙃:
🍓Spring mix salad
🍓Red onion
🍓Feta cheese
🍓Shredded chicken
🍓Apple maple vinaigrette
♥️Das it! Give this a like if you want more recipes from me😚.
Very quick and simple lunchie. I will probably be having avocado toast on the side with this🤔. I’ve been all about my fruit and veggies as of lateeee😍. Enjoy darlings!

A lot of you probably don’t know much of my story, of which I take responsibility for because I don’t always share everything about me. So today I will be vulnerable and share part of it with you.
In high school, I was pretty tiny. I ran cross country and I also played soccer during the summers. I also took a couple gym classes when I switched from parochial school to public school. I didn’t really like the new school lunches either, so I wouldn’t always get a full meal till I got home after practice. My junior year I no longer ran cross country, but joined Drama, so I wasn’t as active except for soccer. My older sister always would ask me to go to the gym (we had a family pass), but I didn’t really see it necessary.
College came, and I was an honors student. I was the type of student who felt like my life would be over & I wouldn’t have a future if I didn’t get excellent grades. I put a lot of pressure on myself, and I didn’t really talk about it. I worked at the movie theatre and also the grocery store during college on the side to pay for my tuition. I was always around food haha. I started taking a lot of my stress out with food. I remember when I would go to Aldi, buy croissants, Chex mix, mini peanut butter cups, and just start devouring the food in the car or I’d hide the leftovers in my drawers and eat it throughout the night while I was studying. I would joke about it with friends, how I had no control. But really inside, I started feeling scared. It was like I couldn’t stop thinking about food. I started lifting as I became unhappy with my body. I really didn’t want to take my stress out with drinking, so I turned to the gym. I started seeing really fit girls online and there. Then I googled some meal plans and I thought that the ONLY way to get fit was to eat broccoli and tilapia and almonds. Oh, and don’t have lots of fruit, too much sugar (🙄🙄🙄sarcasm!!!). This made me feel even worse bc I was eating everything but that...fml I hate myself! I’ll do better tomorrow. But let me finish off the night with four bowls of cereal. We can call this “bulking!” 😊😊😊. I’ll continue in comments 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

The good and the bad will mold us into who we become...but whether that makes us better or worse is up to us✨
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Ya’ll I am sooooo tired 😭😭😭😂. It was one of those lifts where I was so exhausted that I refused to cook after so I didn’t pass out hahahah😂. Plus it was my first day back to the gym after being sick and traveling. I prefer not to lift when I’m sick🤫. Also, I have been taking preworkout lately & it has been helping me immensely to get me thru my lifts. Here’s part of my leg routine (I did abs today too)...I did a lot of hip thrusts besides. Sorry for my mismatched socks btw, an accurate representation of my life right about now😬
#1: 15-20 reps
#2: 15 reps
#3: 10 reps
#4: 20 seconds
I have a leg and glute guide that comes with instructional videos and the program will download straight to your phone! It takes you thru 12 weeks worth of lower body workouts💪🏽. The workouts are twice a week plus cardio/hiit. The link is in my bio if you are looking to get that winter bod into next years summer shape!😉 @bribaebee.
Song: “Sicker” cover by @ejaynewton

Give people more of what you needed at one point in time....
I needed encouragement, but I had to find it within myself. I desire to give it to others because I know how easy it can be to talk yourself out of pursuing your dreams. I want others to live out their purpose in REAL LIFE, not just in their imagination.
What did/ do you need? What do you give out? If you’re on my page it won’t be about me getting better, it will be about US getting better..we will all be eating.😈

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