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Brianna  Gentle hearted and very queer 🌿#usfca21

I've felt so disconnected lately. I have always valued keeping my personal life private because it's the most comfortable for me. But never do I intend to hide anything about who I am. A few times recently I've felt like I wasn't being genuine with myself and those around me. I love everything about myself and wouldn't change for anything. Since I've met new people I've somewhat kept quiet about who I truly am and it's making me so uncomfortable thinking that I'm assimilating or that I'm not being genuine. With time I have learned to not care about what others think about me and I don't ever want to go back from it. Not even for more friends or acceptance. So never will I bite my tongue again in fear of rumors or losing friendships. ❤️

Conjure beauty from the things left behind 🍃🍋

People Always look better in the sun ☀️

Ultralight Beams Flowing ☄

How's that feel?💧

I actually have no idea how to use this

"Protecting yourself from energy vampires: We always attract what we feel in our hearts. Question your belief system. Are you here to be a footrest or are you here to be in a mutual exchange of energy? Can you learn from this person? And if not realize that you need to move into the environment that you want to be in. Choose to be happy, that's how to protect yourself. Raise the frequency"


Happy Birthday to me📅🎉



I've always identified with the turtles soft insides, because there are times where I really need to hide outside 🐢

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