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Brian Venth 🐾  📍LONDON | PARIS | MILAN | LA | NYC DM to book Photo diary @Brian.VENTH London locations for hire @VENTHstudios 👇 HIRE MY LOCATIONS

I am shooting stuff in a penthouse come one come all... 🤷‍♂️

Passion and love are not always the same, you can have one without the other... But when they are both there... Wow.
Rita and Riot "Portraits of Passion"
If you are a real life couple and want to be part of this project DM me
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I read your face,
Just like your thoughts,
It isn’t hard,
I just pretend;
You want me,
Yet not,
Both at once,
Because of who I am,
The not,
Is only because of you,
With anyone else,
I would not care.
Spiralling words,
Is there a point?
Waiting for a rhyme or rhythm.
There isn’t one,
There is no sense,
For this life is nonsense;
There is a pause...
A dot dot dot,
Before the...
If we knew that then there might be an...
We all follow a lot of rules in art break that shit and just create your feelings. Words by me photo of @damu.lee on the @venthstudios rooftop on 35mm film (ya, also by me).
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She didn’t have a magical fairytale mirror to tell her she is beautiful so she had to recognise it in her own reflection.
It was not vanity, it was confidence.
But it’s not there everyday.
Sometimes she just doesn’t see it.
Sometimes people take it away from her.
On those days I will be your mirror because you are beautiful.
Look into my eyes and you will see my sincerity.
Look through my eyes and you will see that it is true.
Shot on 35mm film at @VENTHstudios .
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I’m a travel photographer.
I am travelling through the stories of the many new and interesting people that do me the honour of sharing a few hours of their precious time with me, and more so that are kind enough to share part of themselves and their stories with me. I am learning about them and through them about myself. All the while I am taking photos of this experience. So you are not seeing a collections of photos of people. You are seeing a collection of my memories, how I see these people (who are all special to me) through my eyes and my memories of our time together.
I often say that I don’t have a portfolio. I have a scrapbook of memories.
These amazing people are my Eiffel Towers, my Grand Canyons my Pyramids.
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We can all live like rockstars... It's not about money or groupies... It's about living your life 100% for yourself and doing the things that make you feel good.
From my series "I Don't Write Love Songs" shot on AGFA 400 ISO 35mm film

📚 From my series "You are what you read"
Shot on 35mm AGFA 400 film.
Full series on

When I was a teenager my friends and I used to smoke in the kitchen and blow the smoke into the kitchen's exhaust fan...
There was no real reason for this aside from it was more rebellious to smoke indoors... The funny thing was we would then spray the whole house with tobacco neutralising spray so we wouldn't get caught...
The moral of the story is that while you reminisce about how bad ass you were when you were younger, don't forget you were also a little scared ass punk and while you might not be as reckless now, ask yourself the last time you did shit to appear cool or apologised for the things you wanted to do... Yep, older you is not only wiser, but also more bad ass.
C just chillin in my kitchen in London wearing my Jacket shot on Polaroid 600

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