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🅱️🅿️  When I blow up, said I did it for MF DOOM

Did some exploring on the moto a few days ago & the wet winter has California looking quite beautiful #dr350

Just monkeyin’ around / digital skateboarding 🙈 📸:@amandapowellwebber #cometskateboards #paristruckco

One of just a few tricks I keep in the bag these days... 📸:@amandapowellwebber #cometskateboards #paristruckco

Mfw I’m in the middle of having a sweet-ass weekend with my friends 😎 📸:@amandapowellwebber

🌱➕🏍 #dr350

I’m currently on my way back to Connecticut to remember and honor the life of my grandmother, who passed away peacefully at home last week.

I took this photo on June 6, 2014. Nana had some health issues arise suddenly and doctors were confident that her time was limited, so all of the grandkids rushed home as quickly as we could. The doctors obviously underestimated the amount of fight and energy this lil old Polish lady had left in her... She hung on for almost 5 more years.

Despite a difficult battle with dementia, Nana remained true to herself until her last days: strong willed, courageous, and always willing to crack a joke or smile, even during the tough times. Her one-liners were chock full of a special kind of wisdom that can only come from a lifetime of living.

If you have grandparents who are still alive, elderly parents, or even just friends or family you haven’t seen in a while - stop by and give ‘em a hug if you can, while you can. Call and tell them you love them if you can’t stop by. All of us are here on limited time, and we’re all in this together. ❤️

Still doin’ the damn thang, paying respects to how they used to. 📷: @aaronbreetwor #cometskateboards #paristruckco #barelyunder30andbarelyovercoping

Today was a good day 🔥🏍🏞🤙 #dr350

F250 Ranger with a perfect lil cap spotted in Ventura #coolcarsincoolplaces @smalltruckcampers

So yesterday my older brother Chris got married to his lovely partner Kyla and it was honestly one of the best nights of my life. I love you both and am very excited for your move to San Francisco! Thanks for the pic @abobrien10

Fun session today at the @americannomadskates bowl in the woods of CT

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