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Brianna Gurdzhyan  M u l t i t u d e s:: Forever evolving:: 🎭👽👟🍰🃏📽📝 //Snapchat:BriannaMarieG ❣


Just a little bit off the ends 💇🏽

She made me walk the plank

They're such givers. Mother, dad's mother, and an itty bitty Bri #ThankYou

Spent the evening listening to some beautiful poetry with a couple of my favorite humans...and ended it by trying out spoken word poetry for the first time ever?? Words are cool...words are my favorite 🌻🌻🌻

Just a gang of teary eyed Gurdzhyan gals feeling overwhelmingly grateful to be alive. Wild, isn’t it, guys? How every single one of us descends from a long line of quick thinking, fast running, embraced-by-luck survivors. Those who outran sabertooth tigers, nourished themselves through famine, or, somehow, miraculously, escaped the hatred-sharpened clutches of humanity’s cruelest weapon: genocide. Professional or amateur film critics may find flaws with The Promise, however, art, above all must make you feel. And when I consider how this movie made me sob more than any other has before, I can confirm that it executed that task beautifully. Movies alone may not change the world, but they do encourage a greater sense of empathy and awareness. That’s important. If everyone’s decisions were guided by those things, our world would be a kinder place. So art is important, and supporting art that highlights meaningful stories and subjects? Definitely important. I hope you’ll all go watch this The Promise. Proceeds from your ticket will go to various nonprofits, including Elton John’s AIDS charity. I have so many thoughts and feelings in regards to this subject, but I’ve already written more of an essay than a caption so I’ll end it here. I’m so grateful that this film exists and is now telling this story in theaters worldwide. #ThePromise

pockets of beauty #thiscity

Creativity = best medicine 😇

star light, star bright 💫

Thanks so much for having me, @scenebot (and for this glorious "MySpace shot") You guys are hilarious and are doing such an amazing service for actors. I really appreciate what you do!! 😊

We took the road less traveled by like Robert Frost told us to...and got a liiiiiittle bit lost (but def got a workout out of it)

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