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As my mom swung back and forth, she called out, "should I do a pose?!" and my brother, Keith, and I all yelled, "YEA!"
That's when she came flyin outta the shadow with this baby πŸ˜‚.
Friendly Reminder about the Wine, Dine, & Climb event for ladies tomorrow night (Tuesday) at @thefrontslc so check out the link in my bio!
There's amazing raffles, women-lead clinics, and a free after-party for all with live music.
Also my mom will be there...hopefully up on a rope striking this pose repeatedly.
Really hope to see you there!
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A couple months ago we found some rubber padding at a Harbor Freight store and used it to cut a small "stomp pad" for Dagwood at the base of the dashboard.
You see, he always has to stand right here because he needs to know where we're going. He has to be the one to get there first.
Before the rubber pad, he would slide all over the place because his claws couldn't grip the plastic. So we decided to make it a little easier for him.
Perhaps that's not the best idea...perhaps we're supposed to have well-behaved pups who sit in the back and mind their manners.
But life is short. And dogs are gifts.
Ride on, Dags. πŸ“·: @abbihearne

We were all wild once.
We didn't have air conditioning and microwaves and Netflix and Mercedes and 5,000 HD channels and low monthly payments and 120 pairs of shoes...
We didn't *need* that. We lived simply. We had the dirt and the sky and the food we could harvest. We had our families and we took care of each other.
We lived so much closer to the earth.
We've blurred the line between need and want, all for the sake of some type of perceived "progress".
E. F. Schumacher said it best..."Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more takes a touch of genius, and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction."
πŸ“·: @abbihearne

"Hey Dags, do you wanna go ka......" @orukayak #FortuneFavorsTheFold

I suppose I've tended to take the easy way out in my athletic history.
Bad hand eye coordination? Just quit softball. Terrible aim? Quit basketball. Poor footwork? Quit soccer.
Climbing was the first thing I was uncomfortable doing...but even more uncomfortable quitting.
I wanted so badly to be good at it. But I was scared. I was clumsy. I was discouraged.
I've been climbing for 7 years now...and I'm NO professional. Most days, I'm still a top rope hero, and that's okay. It's the thing I'm most proud of because I never quit.
I never got scared enough to stop trying.
I never told myself it wasn't worth doing simply because I wasn't the best.
Last winter, I went to hear Brendan of @semi_rad speak up at Snowbird, and he said something that struck me.
He said, "No one is going to show up with a trophy or a badge and say 'Congrats! You're a climber now! You're just a climber because you love to climb..."
So my lady friends, if you're a new climber, a pro climber, or someone who just loves to climb, come down to The Front climbing gym in Salt Lake on Tuesday, July 25th to kick off OR with some raffles, awesome conversation, food and drinks, live music, and women-lead clinics like Falling on Lead with @barbarazangerl and Power & Resting Techniques with @chelseanicholerude
Click the link in my bio for registration.
Really hope to see you there!!
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Living in a van isn't always perfect. But sometimes, good god, it really really is...
(πŸ“·: our dear friend and beautifully honest van-lifer, @abbihearne )

This is my nephew, Wyatt. And this is a story about the closest I ever came to knowing what it's like to be a mother.
Due to a sudden and drastic family medical emergency, Wyatt - who was 17 months old at the time - was sent from his home in California out to Utah for 9 weeks.
With about 48 hours notice, Keith and I became temporary guardians to a toddler.
My coworkers at the time rushed to me a highchair and toys and a carseat...
There was no room for a crib in our 400 sq foot studio apartment so Keith and I shoved a portable playpen in the tiny space between our bed and the wall. We changed his diaper on a towel on the floor. We washed him with hypoallergenic oatmeal-based dog soap when his diaper exploded on the very first day. We had forgotten to buy special baby soap 😞.
When he would wake up from a nap I'd lean against the wall in my living room and cry silently as he sleepily yelled out, "Mom...Mom!?" Because I wasn't his mom. His mom was in California...and she was really sick.
There was one Friday night when I would have normally been out with friends, but I was sitting on the floor in my bathroom watching him splash around in the tub.
He was like this tiny tornado that came through my life out of apartment was a mess...there was yogurt all over my shirt...he puked apple juice all over my car a few hours prior...I'd barely slept....everything was in shambles.
But then he wrapped his chubby fingers around the edge of the tub and peered out at me with soap in his hair and water droplets on his nose, and everything stopped. And in that moment, it was like being in the eye of a storm with this amazing little thing...and I think I understood.
You see, for many reasons, motherhood isn't in the cards for me. But I'll remember that little boy in the bathtub for the rest of my life.
Wyatt is almost 4 now. He doesn't remember anything about the chaos he rained down on us that winter. He doesn't know that he gave me a chance to understand something I would never have otherwise.
One day, when he's old enough, I'll thank him. And then I'll tell him that I washed him with dog soap...

A whole lotta happy β˜€οΈ (I fell into the river and smashed my calf on a rock 30 seconds after this photo was taken πŸ˜‘)

This is my mom.
That should explain a lot πŸ˜‰

Here's to 8 years of grossing out our dogs.
(P.s. This photo was taken by my mom and brother who were yelling, "KISS! KISS! πŸ˜‚ So happy to have spent the day on the river with my whole family πŸ’›)

Today is my favorite day.
It's our anniversary. The real one...
People laugh when I say that.
Because I was told that once we got married, our old anniversary date would become a little less important. "The wedding anniversary is the big one," they said.
But I'm having none of that.
Because you see, there is no wedding anniversary without today.
There is no Bucket, no Dagwood....
There is no story of the 2 kids fresh outta college, living on that old 33-foot sailboat til Hurricane Sandy came and forced them out...
No tale of the boy and girl who packed the car and moved 3,000 miles away from anything they'd ever known...
There is no saga of the wide-eyed 20-somethings who handed every penny they had to a man in a parking lot in exchange for a giant orange van...
There are no melted yellow desert sunsets or velvet black night days spent deep inside painted canyons in the earth or up towering sandstone pillars or piled in sleeping bags with heads resting on shoulders and enough love to send your heart bursting clear out of your chest...
Yea...there's none of that if 8 years ago today, you hadn't asked me if I wanted to go sailing..."for old times sake."
And so you see, how could this not be my favorite day?
This was the day my whole life began.
πŸ“·: the lovely @abbihearne

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