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We just saw this film. It is a must see movie based on true events.

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I would like to invite you to join us in our annual TNH Get My Body Back Challenge starting Sept 12th! Read blog to learn more and sign up!
Why I’m competing?
We all donate to some charitable cause around the holidays. Why not up the stakes and take that $100 and challenge yourself to achieve that health/wellness goal and win more money for the cause closest to your heart!
I’m going to focus on a daily meditation habit while breastfeeding first thing in the morning. That way I start the day off on the right foot for myself and for my baby! I’m going to compete to raise money for @womenshistory !
It’s a win/win!
Join our community and be inspired so we can all Rise Higher, Shine Brighter and Give Back!
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The excellent book I just finished. Thank you @dhrupurohit & @drmarkhyman for interviewing Dr. Rangan Chatterjee on your podcast Broken Brain.
Fantastic info on functional medicine and the importance of Relaxation, Food, Movement and Sleep.
I highly recommend this book and podcast. What are you reading?
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One year ago today I was working with my sweetheart on set. 365 days later I'm on maternity leave and working with my sweetheart to take care of our little baby boy. Amazing what can happen in a year!

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💜 Thanks for the reminder.
I find that as women we often over give to our own detriment and it depletes us from focusing on what is truly important, it can negatively impact our health, wellbeing and our happiness. I know that I only have so much energy in a day so I have learned (& am still learning) to be strategic to try to conserve it for only my top priorities and goals. To set strong boundaries and to speak up so I stay healthy, happy and more present. I think it’s the key to finding some sort of balance in this crazy world where we are somehow expected to be on call with all of our electronics, everyone’s personal and professional drama on and offline and the crazy world events swirling around us.
This has helped me to avoid getting hooked into the nonsense of others and focus on what I need first so I have the energy to do what I need to get done. It is often uncomfortable for others when the dynamic shifts, but I have found that true friends will adjust, be supportive and respect me more because of it.
Happy creating today!

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For all you mommas, you might like this too! It’s from a functional medicine point of view for pre and postpartum wellbeing.
Are you still recovering from pregnancy years later.

See link in bio... @goop @gwynethpaltrow #functional #medicine #postpartum #pregnancy #wellbeing #health

WTF?! I know we would all love to tune out because every day there is something horrific happening. But this is absolutely unacceptable.
If you don’t know about this please read. "You have my commitment I'll look at it"
- U.S. Secretary of State, Michael Pompeo

From Everytown:
we may be down to the wire, but we're putting everything we have into this fight to stop downloadable guns from becoming a reality — and they're feeling the pressure.

Yesterday, U.S. Secretary of State Michael Pompeo stated that he will look at the State Department's decision to allow a company to post its gun blueprints online. This decision would enable anyone, including terrorists, convicted felons, and domestic abusers, to download plans to print functional, untraceable guns out of plastic — and all they would need is a 3D printer. Plus, many of these guns would be undetected by metal detectors, putting our planes, our music festivals, and our government buildings in danger.

BUT — they're feeling the heat, so we can't let up just yet:

Your voice is powerful and we need it now: Send a message to the State Department DEMANDING that they stop the distribution of downloadable guns!

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Apparently it’s #nationalbumpday #BumpDay
Grateful to the ladies (& gents) who showered me with their love and who continue to as I venture into this next chapter of motherhood.
One week down...a lifetime to go. 🤰🏼👶🏼💜 #friends #shower #motherhood #mommy #love #celebrate #baby #women #support #pregnant #BumpDay

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