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Brian Johnson  Ido Portal Method Student + Founder/Teacher @ The Movement Standard

Prepping my QDR game for this weekends @portal.ido LOCOMOTION workshop. A bit rusty on the right but a few good days to clean it up. Can't wait to learn, share, explore!

It doesn't have to look pretty to be good. I'm all about function > form these days, quick and efficient. What that means is a high focus on foods that support my practice but don't take a ton of time away from it. For me what seems to work best is an ancestral approach with just a few twists here or there. Not too much fuss but there's heavy focus on veggies (cooked/raw), local and pasture raised meats, some added fats and fermented foods daily. Inflammation reduction is prioritized so all foods that potentially trigger that process are eliminated (vegetable oils, grains, dairy, sugar). What's left is simple, effective and provides all that I need to keep things running tip top.

Slowly making progress on the one arm, consistently getting 3-5 second holds per side. Can't seem to quiet the 'foot wiggle' just yet, which oddly enough was the last thing to go with my basic handstand. @midmodkitty with a respectable planche hold in the background!

Finding more weak links in the chain. When things start really moving the parts are still learning to keep up. I'm looking forward to flushing this one out over the next few months.

Nothing beats the barbell for intensity and strength development of the lower body.
The deadlift isn't necessarily sexy but the results it produces can't be denied. Supposed to be working my favorite here, concentrics (lift and drop) but practicing more delicately with this wood subfloor and slightly more controlled lower.


Always the beginner, these are the moments I live for, being absolutely terrible at something. I truly cherish the process of progress so look forward to sharing this lump of coal as I rough it out.

It's hard to beat the feeling of a solid, productive training session. When the difficult physical tasks are behind you the perspective of what may have otherwise seemed impossible to bear are easier managed. Lessons that often get forgotten in a seasoned practice but are there when you need them most. Keep going.


After a few years of practicing this pattern the 60 second hold just happens, and nearly with 💯 % consistency. No special sauce or pill is needed, just regular practice, hard work and obsession. Trust the process, put in the time and the results will come.

Attempting to bring some closure to some sticky straight arm patterns but there's still much work to be done.

Stalder press and front lever pull, things continue to become simpler but more complex all in the same.

Always humbled by new programming.
Working on the full planche, way more transferable than lying on my back staring at the ceiling pushing weight off my chest.

To work toward and (slowly) obtain a goal that I've had in my mind for nearly 6 yrs feels pretty damn good. I saw @portal.ido do a one arm handstand back in 2010 but blew it off as talent, I didn't know about process oriented training, I didn't realize it was possible for me too. After 2 yrs of specific hard work (little to no talent here) and superb programming it's getting closer and feels much more manageable. Still work to be done, still pushing forward, @midmodkitty with a little celebration hop and push along the way.

When you have a supportive wife who also loves to move the cuing gets fun. @midmodkitty showing off some nice tuck lever skills while I add a little push. It doesn't get much better than this.

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