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Trails were all time yesterday. Got a few @gopro screen grab shots of @chance_seely before he wrecked himself 😜

What started off as a perfect day quickly turned bad for @chance_seely We we’re cruising a nice mellow pace & then all the sudden he turned it up a couple clicks too many & was picking up speed fast and got off line. It happens that quick and before you know it you’re off to the hospital. Heal up buddy... you’ll be back. Next time let’s just capture some nice, smooth, in control @gopro #hero7black footage We can always speed it up 😄 😉😘 #herodirt #brokenclavicle #ranoutoftalent

#tbt to the 1950’s when my dad was building and stunting on his creations 😂. Actually he was more of a cruiser kind of guy whether on the bike or in the car. Had a great time over Xmas going through a lot of these old pictures. Love you dad #dadsonbikes #upsidedownbike

Look close and you might be able to see some new sponsors I’m excited to be working with this year... there is no comparison in quality/performance from this company & im very confident if you are fortunate enough to try them you’ll agree #announcementsoon
Might look for a parachute sponsor if I ride along 50+ foot drops again 😄. -
#manualmonday 📷 @shreddyshots

#tbt before I started racing this bad boy with a Rams football helmet and plastic gas tank was installed 😂

#tbt to 1999, it was my first year on the legendary Volvo/Cannondale team & I was sporting the stars & stripes because I was the DH National Champion for that year. Yes, I raced DH & won 3 National titles before focusing all my energy to dual/4x in 2000. I’m rocking @odigrips & @oakleybike in this pic, the only two sponsors I’ve had for the past 20 years and still have. #flatpedals #flatpedalswinmedals

Solid Xmas eve ride thanks to @slasher200 Always fun heckling & getting your buddies to push their limits... that is, when they pull it off. @rmc751 might need to ask Santa for a lawyer on this oppo water jump 😂. Victor could get away with a councilor 😜. Factory Phil still has the SX style & was cool following him down some runs. @stevecaballero ollied rain ruts, @r_v_e ripped his skirt off & braved the water gap in the regular direction, and the rest I don’t know well enough to bag on 😜. You all know I love you and happy to have you as friends. Hope everyone has a healthy, happy Xmas with their loved ones.

#tbt to 2000, Volvo/Cannondale days, rocking the World Cup leaders jersey somewhere in Europe. And of course my signature open face bucket helmet. Not to worry though, got the full body protection on up top. 😂 #oldschoolmtb #mtbhistory

Here’s a #bltechniquetuesday on #manualmonday When entering a section of trail where the trees are more narrow than your @renthal_cycling 760mm wide bars simply throw it up in a manual & turn your bars slightly as you pass by. Easiest explanation I’ve ever done for a “how too” 😜
@lazersport @lazersportusa @oakleybike @gopro

Who’s racing @northstar_california EWS next year? Hope u like rough, rocky, dusty trails that will put you & your equipment to the test, because this place is brutal.

You’ll rarely catch me without my @gformprotects knee pads on. All day pedaling comfort, light weight, breathable, why wouldn’t you wear them? Save 20% through this weekend on #gformprotects entire bike line by using RIPIT20 on their website. #bettersafethansorry 📷cred. @shreddyshots

I missed #tabletoptuesday yesterday & maybe these are questionable whether they fall into that category, but these 2 dudes have some of the coolest Euro tables in the game. @martinsoederstroem and @kelleymtb show that it’s not about the craziest tricks, it’s about having sick style & they both have it. Technically Cody isn’t Euro, but I’m sure they are just fine with him throwing down on the trick.😜Which one of these guys should I have teach me this move?
#eurotabletop #mtbsteeze

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