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DALES.  "Young For The Summer" out now.

1993. Chasing that first time feeling back in the basement. I'm not sure who this girl is but our band was awesome.

Nothing but the truth. I'm older now but the guitar is the same.
Photograph by @braverijah

When I was a child in this house in Novi, Michigan, we went to church in the basement.
I didn't grow up in a religious family. In my house it was simple, Bruce Springsteen was the Lord, and "Born To Run" was the Bible. I remember burning that album for hours on end downstairs with my dad, Tenth Avenue Freeze Out turned up to 11, pretending to play along on any instrument I could find. I was baptized by rock & roll music.
A big part of my story is rooted in this guitar in my dad's hands.
It's an early 1980's Fender esquire. My mom bought it for him as a gift. He never learned how to play it, but it always knew how to put on a show for the neighborhood kids on Chase Drive. Later on, when the DALES clan became a party of five and moved west to Arizona, the guitar came too. It survived a big fall out of the trunk on Route 66, my failed first guitar lessons, and even my awkward teenage years when all I wanted was to be a drummer.
Eventually I turned 18, the dream became real, and I got to tour the world for the several years. Meanwhile, the guitar collected dust in the garage.
When I started making the DALES record with Matt, I took a trip back to Arizona and begged my dad to let me take the guitar home with me to LA. After a bittersweet debate, he gave in and we were on our way to dust off the cobwebs. A part of me always knew I wanted to tell this story with the very instrument that was so deeply rooted into my childhood DNA. (I also wanted to learn how to really fucking play, thanks Matt.) It's an out-of-body experience to hold something in your hands and it feel like a time capsule to your first memories of music. A portal to a basement in Michigan where I felt the feeling for the first time,
the same feeling I'll be chasing for the rest of my life.
Now not a day goes by where I don't pick up this guitar.

I've got a beaten up baseball. You've got a broken heart. "Young For The Summer" out now. Link in bio.

My life is now categorized as "Before I Saw U2 play The Joshua Tree" and "After I Saw U2 play The Joshua Tree". I feel like a new man today.

18 'Til I Die. @bryanadams. Greek Theatre. 5/20/17.


Last week. DALES live in Hollywood.

Played on a small back porch at @novacancyla for 200 people and was more nervous than I've been in a long time. It's liberating to strip down and go back to the basics. I haven't played electric guitar on stage ever. (I've had this very guitar literally my entire life. It's a part of this story. More on that later). Grateful to everyone who came out to witness, and especially grateful to the wildly over-qualified musicians on stage with me. Thank you.

And yes, we played "Life is A Highway." More shows soon.
P.S. Shout out to my longtime friend @justinmarkrichards for taking my favorite @bodaskins jacket and giving it a life of its own. Show him some love.
Photo by @braverijah

This is Baz. Short for Basil Fawlty. He's the boss around here. The executive producer. He lives here at the studio and has spent just as many hours on these songs as @teneighteight and I. I'd like to think Baz let's me know he likes what he's hearing by jumping on my lap so he can get closer to the speakers.
Fortunately for us, he's been doing that a whole lot lately.
Stay on your toes for more.

This is where the DALES story began.

2 years ago, in the most trying creative period of my life, I ran into my old friend Matt Beckley at a cafe in Sherman Oaks, California. We went back to his house to make music, but instead drank a bottle of Stranahan's and watched a live bootleg of Bryan Adams playing "Summer of 69" in a stadium in Lisbon. Just him, a guitar, and 50,000 people singing at the top of their lungs in a language they didn't even speak. What a moment. I was pleasantly reminded of how great music can make you feel.
Then everything became obvious. In a world driven by more, more, more....I got excited by the power of less. Matt and I spent the next two years making songs in this 16x20 studio shed in his backyard. If the magic wasn't there with just a voice and a guitar, then no amount of voodoo was gonna make it better. The feeling had to exist in this little room, or not at all.
Then we hit record. Instead of filling the empty spaces with a million things, how could we fill them with the things we really need? The philosophy about music became the philosophy about life. Do everything simply, but with importance.
I've been fortunate enough to do this music thing all over the world. In a LOT of small punk rock clubs, a couple arenas, a few festivals, and even on someone's farm in the middle of Utah. No matter where this adventure takes me next, it's always gonna lead me right back here. To Matt's backyard, where I will write a thousand more songs with the same mission... If it's not great in here, then it's not great enough.
Thank you for all the Young For The Summer love, but I promise you this is only the beginning of the best story I am ever going to tell.

Dear Brian,

You're 4 years old in this picture. You're at Pine Knob Music Theatre (now DTE Energy Theatre) in Clarkston, Michigan. You're watching Bruce Springsteen, and I'm pretty sure he's watching you too. Your parents bought you that plastic guitar so you could run up and down the aisle and sing every word. You've been putting on this show your whole life. When you get older, you're gonna get to do it for real. If that sounds crazy to you, it's because it is. Some days you're gonna want to give up, but you won't, because you'll remember how you felt in this moment for the rest of your life.
I used to write songs to try and impress a lot of people who don't really know anything about me. I've realized now that the only person I want to impress is you.
I wrote you a song, it's called "Young For The Summer". Spotify doesn't exist yet in 1993, so I'll send it to you on cassette. I hope you love it as much as I do.
Long live,

Went to Alaska once. Alone. Learned how to fly an airplane. Came home and wrote "Young For The Summer" the next day. #throwbackthursday

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