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Brian H Whittaker  🌳⏳🌱 Working on myself 🌱⌛️🌳

A resourceful way of bringing people together to better their environment while getting paid ensuring that they can eat. Join the movement, sign up at @nachsonm @tylerrattray

So during the summer my skin has been the best it’s been in years but also broken out relatively bad. So many people ask me and other public people for skin routines and I just want to remind you that first of all we show you what we want you to see which is usually only flattering images of ourselves and also the majority of y’all are teens who are filled with hormones which means you’re gonna get skin problems so relax. Pimples are normal, we need to stop making people feel bad about it. It’s not important, It doesn’t define you and it’s not life or death! But with this being said I would like to say that the things that have helped me the most would be staying hydrated, having a mostly plant based diet, sleeping well and moisturising.

Hella pad dizzy by the time I land

Guess it was time for a change 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️


I miss Sweden and miss out on leg day

The reason why I can’t escape my thoughts is because I don’t want to escape them.. I live in a world of curiosity and fascination and I like it in here. Oh and this isn’t a Dior ad, I just happen to be wearing a bag my girl gave me.

Thought I would share this and bring you guys along my journey of learning. Big thanks to @nachsonm for working on these issues and educating. There’s a link in my bio if you want to find out more. #shadowmanvan

“Hey is everything okay? it’s been a while” -

Had a great time @madcoolfestival w @pullandbear 🍃🇪🇸
#liveitpullandbear #ad

Guess I’ve been too in the moment to snap a pic for insta. I’ve been working on my mental health and educating myself, not because I’m in a bad place but because there is so much more room for improvement and infinite things to learn, the last few months have been the most eye opening as I’ve been reflecting on all my experiences in life and making sense of it.. all I can say is, I’m in the best place I have ever been in and I encourage everyone to feed their curiosity, dive deep into themselves and work on themselves regardless of if you’re in a good place or not. Always room for improvement.🌱🕊🌳

Just spent the past few days learning and reflecting on the meaning behind World Refugee Day. It’s mad to feel so peaceful in this beautiful creative space @thealpinagstaad but knowing there are so many people around the world struggling to find a comfortable place to call home. Can’t wait to continue this exploration and find ways to support projects like #ShadowmanVan that are finding solutions to this humanitarian crisis. It’s going to be a journey, I just want to learn and share as much as I can. All love.

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