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  Husband, Rutgers South DPT ‘19, aging BMX rider. Proudly support @fitbikco @merrittbmx @foxbmx

It’s sad how little I’ve ridden in the last few months. I’ve been working 8-5 for the past 14 weeks at a brain injury clinic as a requirement for school. It was intense which left little time or energy to get in any riding sessions. I was reminded today how much fun it is to just cruise around and try goofy tricks. Don’t sleep on the no footed euro table. 😂🤔#bfstudybreak @merrittbmx @fitbikeco

#tbt @jeffzphoto with a gem of what may be the end of the glory days. 2010. No job, no school. Just chillin in the woods. @merrittbmx @fitbikeco @foxbmx

Recently @digbmx had a survey of the best tabletops in BMX. They arrived with a list of the top 6. Although I do not dispute the choices that were made, my ego was bruised having based my entire career off of one trick. I really hope I was #7 on the list. Either way I’ll be filing a lawsuit claiming my constituents were not fairly represented in the voting process and perhaps voter fraud occurred. Here’s my best effort in the new bowl at FDR from earlier this year. #tabletoptuesday @merrittbmx @fitbikeco

#tbt from 2 weeks ago. Hope this wasn’t the last time I rode trails this year but with impending rain and a brutal M-F schedule, I fear the worst. 🎥 @credence_bikes @merrittbmx @fitbikeco #imakemotorcyclenoiseswheniride

Days in the woods have been numbered lately. I am truly thankful for the laps I can squeeze in. Here’s a few clips from the weekend at Posh. What an amazing day with such a diverse group of shredders. The smile says it all. 🎥 @jonlynnjonlynn @merrittbmx @fitbikeco @biltwell @foxbmx

Solid day in the woods. No riding pics but psyched to catch laps at @cattywoods with a Nora cup winner and MFing Stauffer. @trailswarrior @stauff79 @hans_gogan @merrittbmx @fitbikeco

Thank goodness for #tbt. I don’t recall ever winning a race in Orlando because I hated that track. Apparently when I was 17, I bested the other 17 year olds including dude that went OTB on the first jump and Lawan Cunningham. Lawan ended up being a roommate of mine for years and one of my favorite humans. Thanks to @tntbicycles for the reminder. Sound on if you miss Linda Dorsey.

They put up some new ledges at @merrittbmx. I did some tire testing today of the @ft1_tire to avoid those ledges. 🎥 @mike_brennan_ @fitbikeco

@merrittbmx dealer day tomorrow @merrittwarehouse at 1. Gonna ride some ramps and tell some stories. Hit up @montanaricky if you’re a dealer or shop worker and wanna chill for a few hours. @merrittbmx

Here’s where it all started. My first win. I’m #25 on the inside. Shout out to #95 for getting max air and #56 for sporting a front mag only. #honda #1981 #tbt

Went to California this weekend and came home a member of the BMX Hall of Fame.

Part 2 of #thebmxinourblood podcast is up. Speaking for hours to @gromdad2000 was highly therapeutic. If you’re not into seeing a therapist, I would recommend doing a podcast. You get to talk for hours about how you’re feeling and for me it was helpful to sort things out in my own head. Thanks Joe. Link in bio.

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