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An honest post.

My heart hurts. I can't sleep. The truth is, as much as I deeply treasure the amazing new people I meet, no one can truly replace the people I care about who are gone now from my life. I don't just mean the people who have drifted away; I mean the people who suddenly turned on me, inexplicably, dramatically cutting me off without telling me why. It happens to me a lot.

There's a sense in which getting hurt helps me love others better, where I can relate to their losses. But there's a point where it goes too far, and hurts my ability to help others. I wonder about the people who have used, abused or abandoned me… do they care to know the ripple effects of that action? Do they care to know how many other people that affects negatively?

For me it's been intense enough that I've had to fight hard for the will to stay alive another day. Genuine friendship makes all the difference in the world.

Did I mention how great it was meeting these two yesterday? 😊 Their relationship inspires me. They truly value each other, and I so often see people treating others as expendable, subject to their every changing whims.

I love meeting people in person after connecting first online! Today I gave @3littlbrds her very first shoot, and I'm so happy we made it happen. I have immense respect for this girl (and also for her boyfriend, who came and helped).

Was Stanley Kubrick the event planner for the wedding I just worked? (That's my photobooth setup in the distance.)

Had some impromptu GIF-making fun with @jennnaa.marie and @_chr1styna_ last week. Happy Halloween!

It's such a gorgeous day and I'm super-bummed about the @BrianDanielBaker_SAwH shoot that was scheduled for today that got hampered. So I'm making the most of it and meeting cool people at the park. This is Jen and Dakota.

What are you all doing for Halloween this year? 🃏👻🎃💀

See @BrianDanielBaker_SAwH and @_chr1styna_ for more posts from some spontaneous photo fun we had the other night. #toplesstuesdays

A preview of today's shoot with @abigaildiv and @acbolick. And my first Boomerang post!

I'll be posting my shots to my @BrianDanielBaker_SAwH account.

@jam_packed_studios and @sariphina shooting together at an abandoned school yesterday. #photoshootattheoldschool

I'll also be posting some to @BrianDanielBaker_SAwH.

Loved meeting and shooting with @kayleejayy14 during my ten-day trip to Portland, Oregon! There's a bunch more shots posted to my Patreon. (See the link in my @BrianDanielBaker_SAwH bio.)

#Hipstanudes with @graceeeewoods in Portland today. Special shoutout to @strayfoxphotography for coming and doing his first collaborative shoot! (The two were friends already, but it was my first time meeting either of them.)

"It was fabulous. I'm fabulous. I slay everything," says Grace.

Had such a great time with @justbeingselina, @mishwitts (not pictured) and @imagefolio yesterday! Tap the link in my @BrianDanielBaker_SAwH bio for the unpixelated gif, and I'll also be posting some still images to that account when I do the edits.