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Due to an overwhelming response by sold out audiences and critics, Love & Bananas: An Elephant Story is back to theaters for a week from July 20-26th in LA and NY to qualify the film for an Academy Award.
100% of ticket sales go to the Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary to protect and save Asian elephants!
Los Angeles – Arena Cinelounge
@ashleymichaelbell will be doing Q&A’s at the Arena: Fri 7/20 6:15pm Meet and Greet Reception Lobby - Introduction to 7pm film Sat 7/21 Q&A following the 7:45pm screening with special guest moderator (TBA) Sun 7/22 Q&A following 330pm and Introduction prior to 5pm
Weds 7/25 7pm Q&A If you have seen the film, please tell your friends. If you have not seen L&B, please join us on an elephant rescue!
So far the L&B Fund has raised $80,000 to rescue and protect Asian elephants across SE Asia. + Love & Bananas is at 92% on Rotten Tomatoes! REVIEWS “Impossible to come away from unchanged” - LA Times “Emotionally Charged” - NY Times
“4 out of 4 stars, highest rating” - SF Chronicle “Two trunks up!” - The Hollywood Reporter. Don’t miss is his time around. I promise you won’t be disappointed 🐘💨❤️

Yup... just a few more. Mornings with Greg ... #energizerbunny jase = flipper ??? Island friends @aliciakehau ❤️❤️❤️ swipe 👉🏼

Just a few more to really drive it in... 🧡 swipe 👉🏼

Sooooo this many years ago... I knew the day would come when my WHOLE family wasn’t in Hawaii with me. I look devastated right? Mowgli at her finest. We’ll miss you on this Hawaii trip. Half the gang will be there. But those of you that won’t, you will 100% be there in spirit.. swipe right 👉🏼 for some old memories. I’ll make new videos for you guys don’t worry. It def won’t be the same with out you though I’ll say that! I’m counting down the days, truly. My family??? No idea how I landed it. Thank god I did... ❤️

Photo by the lovely @mishajannard #redcamera 💙

Join us July 19th if you’re in la!!! Not to be missed. Get your tickets now. Click the link in my bio. If you can’t make it and would like to donate go for it! #riseagainstextinction we get to be in this world, so let’s start standing up for it. #iswmp

Africa you sure hold a place in my heart. I miss being on this trip. You know how crazy it is to trek for up to 8 hours and then find a pack of mountain gorillas? They say us humans are the perfect specimen and that gorillas are 98.5% the same genetic make up as us. I think we are the ones missing the 1.5% of perfection. When you look a gorilla in the eye all you will see are three words. GEUINE, LOYAL, BRAVE. They live to survive and protect their families. You don’t come back from Africa the same, it changed my heart forever seeing everything I saw... Africa YOU are beautiful. Also the little kid in the end was one of my favorites about this trip too. Check her out. A real little angel came out of nowhere and we got to play 🧡 #useyourvoice #gigglemonsters #heartthesizeofafrica

JOIN THE FLIGHT... every dollar counts. I know we all have a lot we give too but maybe this one will tug at your heart. Thank you for listening. Educate yourself. I had no idea this even existed until my friend called me with the HORRIBLE news. YOU guys are amazing thank you for always supporting everything I throw your way. I appreciate you ALL so much. You can also follow @pamcrowleyandrews And see if there’s any other way you’d like to get involved (click the link in my bio for more info). SENDING SO MUCH LOVE TO YOU ALL! #curingnpc #jointheflight #newbornscreeningisamust #ihavehope For belle and Abby 💙

🐆 its a leopard kinda week 👊🏼💪🏼👊🏼 #mondays

Hate to post this but... guys it’s happening to all animals all around the world. I’m sure most of you have heard about it in Asia but it’s really bad as you can see. Any homies in Bali that can help or reach out? Let us know I can connect you with bawabali as well! We’d love your support if you live where this is happening please connect with them. #Repost @bawabali_official with @get_repost
“When will the senseless, barbaric slaughter of innocent animals stop?

There are national laws in Indonesia against torturing and harming animals. Yet day after day we continue to see dogs poisoned, beaten and tortured for no other reason than the village no longer wanting them, or they go to the dog meat traders. It is shocking to see our island of Bali based on Ahimsa, nonviolence, and Tri Hita Kerana which is the Balinese philosophy for a harmonious life. Respect for God, respect for other humans, respect for the environment and animals, with so much cruelty and violence towards their animals, especially the dogs. This case recently reported on Facebook Group Bali Dog Lovers, took place on Wednesday apparently in Kertalangu, Denpasar, and we are still trying to understand the reason the dogs would have been so cruelly killed and left by the roadside, one with spears through its body. If you know who did this, please report to us, we will try to follow through with a police report to prevent future similar action as this is breaking the law.”!

Game changers the movie coming to you soon. Keep your eyes peeled. Do your part in making a difference in this world. Every head counts. Make this world a better place so we can keep living in it. ❤️ #conservation #animalcruelty #animalcrueltyfree #health #cancerfree #savetheplanet #makethechange #savetheanimals #savetheworld #juststop #beagamechanger

YOU GUYS! Last month, the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council approved a plan to protect over 300 square miles of deep-sea corals in the Gulf of Mexico. The plan will protect 21 distinct areas from Florida to Texas and will now be submitted to the National Marine Fisheries Service for review and approval. AND ON TOP OF THAT.. just after 1 month @oceana expedition to the Aeolian Islands has unveiled stunning forests of threatened corals that surround the island’s underwater volcanoes. Oceana will use these findings to support the creation of a marine protected area in the archipelago that will protect Critically Endangered bamboo corals, tree corals, black coral and more. So this month plastic free. It 100% makes a difference even if we each Individually cut back. #yourchoicesmatter

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