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Brian Pruett  Jesus follower Washed up ballplayer Faith over fear Jeremiah 29:11

Is it possible to tame a 6 year old dog that you were way too lenient with as a puppy? Asking for a friend.

Nothing to see here people.. just keep scrolling #crossingstreams

My guy right here! Lets live it up this weekend but don’t forget to rest up big fella. Looooong week ahead🏐🏓⛳️🎮#23

My guy turns 23 today!! Happy birthday @jaredpruett 🤙 love you bro bro

#latepost Kicked off the fall weather with Lululemon Columbus!! Cold sucks but we stayed ridiculously cozy in our lulu🍋😝

My go to HIIT workout for when I’m short on time!! 💪
✖️ Mountain climbers
✖️ Air jump squats
✖️ Squats
✖️ Lunges
✖️ Single leg RDL’s

The 🐐 is back!!

I like to surround myself with good people or just ok people who have boats.

Found my doubles partner. Any takers?! 🎾

My day 1’s

Guy flew all the way up to Ohio for a tennis lesson 🎾 #fortheloveofthegame

I PUT A RING ON IT! 💙 I’ll never forget this moment..I love you @gigimeyer40!!