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Brian Maughn  They only know what you let them see

The picture on the left is pretty embarrassing but it must be included for the full story to be told. Guy on the left worked out 4 days a week without a specific goal in mind, did very little cardio, ate pretty consciously for the most part with cheat meals on the weekend and really didn't drink too often. Guy on the right had a precise plan in place. He knew what he wanted and did everything he could to get there. He found an exact diet and workout plan that would fulfill his goals and attacked that plan with everything. He had ZERO cheat meals and drank absolutely ZERO alcohol. He learned a lot about macronutrients, steady state vs high intensity cardio, and more than anything that your body can be pushed a hell of a lot farther than your mind leads you to believe. And He crushed his goals two days early. In order to achieve your goals you must have a clear vision and a plan that best suits you. You have to make sacrifices and miss out on the fun sometimes too. These pictures are just a clear representation that you can do anything in this life that you set your mind to and don't let any other bullshit distractions get in your way. I stopped making excuses and put in the work and I couldn't be happier with my results. #transformation #fitness #motivation #gym #weightloss #results #fitlife #doesthismeanicanaddthewordfitintomyusernamenow? #somebodygetmeabeerandsomepizza

Proud Uncle of two nieces and now my first nephew. Welcome to the world Joshua Thomas Brown. First lesson, It's All About the U! #itsaboy #uncle #nephew #miami #hurricanes

If Saturday's are for the Boys then I guess Sunday's are for the Fathers. Happy Fathers Day Pops! #FathersDay #2017 #Golf

Many people may have seen this phrase before and maybe not know what it stands for or what it means. It may be different for some people but for me, it's a constant reminder that I can't do this alone. No matter what negative things are going on in my life or how unhappy I may find myself in a given situation, there is a greater power in charge. It's a reminder to let the stress and anxiety of unwanted circumstances dwindle away and trust in God's plan for my life. At times, I forget this simple message by trying to control everything or even thinking that I can. Now, I'll never forget. Let Go, Let God. #NewInkWhoDis #ColorFastStudios #Tattoo

Thinking back to when those Hurricanes tailgates had me seeing double. Is it football season yet? #Miami #Hurricanes #tailgate #football

Okay, Chris Tucker! Jackie again!? #RushHour #WeddingSeason #Bronx #NewYork #Beloit

Had a hell of a weekend and got the bruises to prove it. #memorialdayweekend #lakeplacid #2017

When you're a guy who doesn't take or post a lot of pictures and you finally find a decent one but have no clue how to crop or edit it. Now available in 8x11 or Wallet Size. #AforEffort

Out with the old.. #Nissan #Altima #2017

Festival withdrawals have officially set in. #ultramusicfestival #miami #umf #ultra

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