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Brian Donovan  Just an animal loving vegan hockey player, rabbit and dog rescuer who owns a small construction company. Tis my life.

One of the least seen of all my buns. The Giant, Iowa. She's insanely sweet but really shy. I'm working on getting them to all live together and without fighting. It's going okay. She's the only female and it appears the males are not messing with her probably because she's 10x their size haha

Reclaiming my own wood. Ripped all these pieces to random widths and then to a thickness of 3/8" and the next step is to mix up some stain to add a little more color variety to some pieces. This is all just about 20 year old standard pressure treated 1x6 but the coloring on it is great. My customer wanted a little more than grey tones , otherwise I wouldn't be staining it at all. #carpentry @dewalttough with the cutting. #nodustextractor πŸ˜‚

Norman of the Dirt. #normanontheblock

Rest In Peace little rooftop. Today my first bun passed away. She didn't die alone though. We were all there around her and she peacefully just went away. I took her to get cremated and I'm going to build her a little memorial. She was a good bun and will be missed 😞

This used to be a little dark corner in a basement. Now it's part of a pretty damn cool open concept bathroom (with a water closet). This shower has an additional diverter to control whether you're using the regular shower head or the rainfall shower head, or both. #bathroomremodel

Rooftops in bad shape. She's lost ability to move on her own and she's basically hanging out. I have a vet appointment to see if I can get her some pain medication or anything that will help. Even rezi seems to know she's sick. She just went over and whined and laid down by her. 😣 #specialneedsbun

Also this. Toilet paper roll hats.

Do the goofiest smile you can .... hold my carrot: #rabbitface

First barbecue of the year. Portobello steaks, grilled corn, redskin potatoes with chargrilled onions and carrots, sautΓ©ed green beans and various other grilled vegetables. All it's missing is... wait no it's missing nothing πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌ #veganbarbecue

Cooking some potatoes and vegetables on the grill that I don't use enough. W @tatscatsplants

It's bangs day eveidently and I wasn't sent the memo πŸ˜‚ #normanontheblock #bangs #lifestylesoftherichandthefamous

It's been exactly a year since I rescued this little guy from a yard after he was dumped in a park with his siblings. At first I wasn't going to take him because I already had four but I'm glad I did. What a good little partner he's turned out to be. Here's to many more years with the fuzzy slipper #normanontheblock @tatscatsplants #rescuedaf

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