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My Breyer Barn Stuff 

Hey guys sorry I have been so inactive I have been super busy and will be at a horse show for two weeks probably won’t be able to post much

I forgot to post pics of this guy I need name suggestions!!!!!!! Please comment names

Here are all the horses I have a conga on right know what horses do you conga!!!!

This guy never gets any attention so here is a post just for him😂😜 comment what you think about him!!!

Thank you so much @breyergem for hosting this amazing giveaway!!! There is a model for everyone here!!!! If you have not already entered please go check out her account!!!

Here are more pics of the cart and harness I made you can know custom order carts and harnesses dm me for more info

Here is a cart I have been working on I will know be doing custom orders on cart and harnesses this set is not for sell but if you are interested dm me

Wow did I just post twice in one day!!! This is a new little dude I just did!! Love greys!!!

Hey guys sorry I haven’t posted in a while I got logged out of my account and just got it back but look at this baby I just got done painting hope you like!!!

Thank you so much @shelbyscollection_ there are so gorgeous I will be taking more pics later

For sale or trade $200 dm for more pictures or questions she is a resculpt on the roxy mold

🚨PLEASE READ!! 🚨Hey guys I’m so sorry for not being active I have had a lot of things going on with my real horses and I hope to start back up on this account more after the next two weeks when I get back from horse showing. I will hopefully be get back in to model horse more and posting at least once or twice a week if not more. Also about the name I will be keeping Breyer ridge studios as my account name but my barn name will be oasis sport horses and I may change it in the future. Let me know what you think in the comments please and I am so glad to be back!!

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