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Brew City Yarns  Indie dyer family out of Milwaukee that ❤️ to dye whimsical, vibrant yarns and fiber.

Today’s edition of #schoolpickupline is featuring the Come What May colorway on our Silk Chaser DK base. It’s a luscious 50% Silk/50% SW Merino that carries bold colors well. The project is Agleam Shawl by Pisa Mutch. #knitting #knittersofinstagram #dyersofinstagram #moulinrouge #comewhatmay #knittinglove #handmade

Today’s #schoolpickupline knitting is brought to you by section 11 of my #scarfything shawl. It’s still fun and interesting to knit as it grows. #knitting #knittersofinstagram #dyersofinstagram #miniskeins #handcrafted #handmade

Trying to catch up on one of our favorite Podcasts. We love the sister knit chat on Grocery Girls. They make you feel like you are right there in their knitting circle❤️ Spam us with your favorite knitting podcasts! #grocerygirls #knittingpodcastlove #knittingpodcast

Today’s edition of #schoolpickupline knitting highlights a technique called invisible stranding. It’s one of the only classes I’ve ever paid to take in knitting, and it is worth every penny. It essentially is a twist on double knitting that holds the stitches of intarsia taut so there are no bumps or puckers on the right side. Wonderful technique, which you can teach yourself if you buy the It’s Not About The Hat pattern by Susan Rainey (@lv2knitmn ). #knitting #intarsia #knittersofinstagram #handmade #handknit #knittingtechniques

I decided to work on the back panel a bit for #operationheirloomsweater. The gauge is different with my yarn substitute, so I’m knitting a size up. #prairieprancerssweater #family #handmade #handmadewithlove #knitting #knittersofinstagram ##familytradition #dyersofinstagram

💗Knitting Love Story💗: My grandmother was a prolific knitter and spinner. She had 15 grandkids, yet she managed to make all of us something every single Christmas on a small budget. One year, she made my siblings and I (I'm the oldest of 6) matching horse sweaters. The sweaters were so soft, snuggly, and warm that even teenager me loved them. (That's me in the pic, with my mom.) We kept the sweaters in storage to give to our own kids when we got older, but they were pretty well-used.

Flash forward to today. My grandmother died way too young from colon cancer when my first son was born, in 2000. He was her first great-grandchild, and she got to meet him before she passed. My sweet, caring grandmother even started a horse sweater for him while she was at the end. We buried her with it and her knitting needles.😥 I wish more than anything that my grandmother was alive when I started Brew City Yarns. She would have been so tickled. She was a firecracker with a naughty streak, and she would have loved to jump in and help dye, name yarns, and cause a ruckus.
I wasn't a knitter when my grandmother passed. So when all of her needles, patterns, etc were split up I didn't know about it. A few years ago, I convinced my aunt to dig through her part of the stash to look for the horse sweater pattern. She found it! But it was falling apart and crumbling.
I've been planning to make my daughter a sweater like the one my grandmother made me, and I've been researching substitutes for the yarns used (now discontinued) for good replacements. Imagine my surprise to find out that Mary Maxims has re-released the pattern in a digital form! I'm dyed the yarn for my daughter’s sweater yesterday, and I started the first sleeve.
#family #handmade #familyheirloom #knitting #knittersofinstagram #knittinglove #dyersofinstagram #indiedyer
Sorry if this is so very long, but I wanted to share my story. How about you? Do you have any special knitting love stories to tell?

Working on a special new color to premiere at the #tnnasummer2018 show. So inspired by all the students across our country finding their voices. ❤️#proudamerican #weloveourkids

These two love bugs don’t want me to get any work done today🧐#dogsareagirlsbestfriend #cuddlebugs #dogsofinstagram

Happy Valentine’s day from BCY! Got some extra Valentine snuggles from my adorable Niece❤️ And that shirt! #whycan’tthisbemysize #alpacas #happyvalentinesday #fiberfriends

Putting together a HUGE batch of mini skeins for @woolandcottonco ! #firefly #starwars #villains #ponies #moulinrouge #scooby #sherlock #handmaidstale

Today’s edition of #schoolpickupline knitting features the Scarfy Thing. I’m using Pickle Juce and Citrus Peel as the MCs and minis of all my colorways for the CC accent stripes. It’s an addictive knit oncebyou understand how to pick up stitches in various ways. 😍 #imsittingimknitting

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