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brewchick  NYC writer on the hunt for great beers...and beer bars. iPhone & instagram filters. Maybe I'm a purist...or maybe I'm just lazy.

Another fantastic @the_helm649 beer dinner is in the books. @chef1121 finished us off New Orleans style with a beignet and chocolate cup overflowing with a cloud of espresso cream filling....paired with @mainebeerco King Titus, a perfect porter as robust as the gorilla it’s named after. #cheers #craftbeer #TakeTheHelm

Wow. Course four is amazing...a phenomenal Peking Quail with sticky rice and pickled radish from @chef1121 . Can’t get enough of this dish! ...and it’s paired with @mainebeerco A Tiny Beautiful Something ...a juicy pale ale with a crisp, clean finish. #cheers #craftbeer #TakeTheHelm

Hot tamale! @chef1121 is going Mexican with sweet corn, smoked pork bellies, local beans, and lots of other tasty treats inside a tantalizing tamale. @mainebeerco finishes it off with Zoe, a complex amber ale named after one of the owner’s daughters. #cheers #craftbeer #TakeTheHelm

Course two is underway with @mainebeerco easy-drinking IPA named after a whale...and an insanely delicious pizzetta with perfectly grilled dough, smoked heirloom cherry tomatoes, and amazing burrata. It’s crusty where it needs to be and soft everywhere else. Wish I could take a few home... #cheers #craftbeer #TakeTheHelm

Finally made it to another beer dinner @the_helm649 @mainebeerco is supplying the delicious brews and @chef1121 is keeping our bellies full and tastebuds satisfied. She’s taking it to the streets tonight with some amazing street food. Tasty Shanghai dumplings are starting the night with course one. #cheers #craftbeer #TakeTheHelm

...and all good things must come to an end, even @the_helm649 ..course six capped off an amazing evening of great beer and incredible cuisine. We finished the night with a chocolate kiss goodnight and a tasty Imperial Stout, Ded Moroz, from @rushingduck #takethehelm #cheers #craftbeer

So, I just ate a smoked lavender honeycomb. It exploded with insanely delicious goodness. Then, the smoked duck breast blew what was left of my mind away...and not just because it was floating in brown butter grits and white chocolate parsnip purée. The @rushingduck FT4 braggot was perfectly paired to complete the festival of honey delights in my mouth. Jen wasn't kidding. Course five was bangin' @the_helm649 #takethehelm -#cheers #craftbeer

Course four...and the Pomme de Chester is no more. Really enjoying the last keg of this #Belgian triple from @rushingduck ...the Pig & Pawn is perfectly paired, bringing out the local cider in the beer. Can't go wrong with smoked pork belly and house made shrimp sausage either. The only problem is that there are only 2 more courses to go... #takethehelm #cheers #craftbeer

Course three: oh yeah. That's a freshly kegged Divided By Zero IPA from @rushingduck and the best ramen I've ever had...with Lobster, local pickled veggies, and all sorts of wonderfulness. #takethehelm #cheers #craftbeer

...and it just keeps getting better @the_helm649 with @rushingduck Part V...a big old ale with an 11.6% ABV and a smooth, chocolate-y finish. The delectable dish is escargot with polenta,cippolini, and white truffle. I just might be in heaven. #takethehelm #cheers #craftbeer

Course one is here! A delicious winter panzella with @rushingduck Pay To Play IPA. These beets are magical and the burrata is insanely delicious! @The_Helm649 #takethehelm #cheers #craftbeer

After a long hiatus, it's only fitting to #takethehelm @The_Helm649 for the @RushingDuck dinner can't wait to see what Jen has in store for us tonight

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