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Brett Ratner אהרון רטנר 

#Chabad @harvard with #RabbiHirschyZarchi #YomKippur #GutYontiff #ShanaTovahU’metukah שָׁנָה טוֹבָה וּמְתוּקָה

20 years ago today! #RushHour @jackiechan @christucker What’s your favorite line from the movie? @warnerbrosentertainment

Adversity helps us grow!

For relaxing times, make it Suntory time.

One of the last photos of #HelmutNewton taken by me the night before he passed away while having dinner with @the_robertevans Helmut and #JuneNewton when #GeorgeHamilton dropped by the table at the Palm!

Happy New Year from @harvard with #sophmore @dannyjstein Where is @ninastein when you need her?

When I was 17 years old and a film student @nyutisch I was given a demo tape of two white rappers #KevinKrakower and #JonSchecter aka #TheWhiteBoys I loved it so much I signed them to a recording contract, borrowed some money from my grandparents and recorded two songs. I ended up changing their name to Big Men On Campus #BMOC and started shopping the record. I first went to #TobyEmmerich who worked in A&R @atlanticrecords He passed. I ended up reconnecting with him several years later when I was doing my first movie #MoneyTalks and he was in the music department at #NewLineCinema He ended up becoming a writer and did some work for me on #RushHour3 and then couldn’t write on it anymore because of the conflict of him becoming head of production at New Line. He was asked to lower the budget because it was too high but funny enough he had written all the expensive scenes. Ironically he is now head of @wbpictures I then took the demo to #SeymourStein from @sirerecords and he not only signed the group but gave me my own production deal. Seymour has been a close friend and mentor ever since. I then decided to start a record company #RatRecords and ran it from my dorm room at @nyuweinstein and asked legendary record producer @nilerodgers a friend of my mom’s who has known me since I was a small child to produce the record and of course play guitar on it. Nile did an amazing job for me and Seymour was shocked that Nile did it for free when he had to pay him a fortune to produce #LikeAVirgin for @madonna I then got legendary skateboard, punk music & hiphop photographer @glenefriedman to shoot the cover. Glen thought it would be a good idea to shoot @harvard where Jon Schecter went to school. That was 30 years ago and I haven’t been back, except when I spoke once at the JFK School of Government. (Not sure why they had me speak to all the government students but it was a great experience.) The first single did so well that Seymour offered me an album deal for the group. Jon Shecter decided he didn’t want to rap anymore and that put an end to my music career. Jon ended up creating a #hiphop magazine #TheSource I guess he want to write about rap instead of doing it!

@brucelee and @jackiechan when he was a stunt man in #EnterTheDragon

Everything is Nothing. Nothing is Everything. @brucelee

I flew from LA more than 20 hours to go to the #Olympics in #Sochi #Russia to be with #LachlanMurdoch and #JamesPacker Spent 24 hours and flew right back! Well worth it #Putin and #XiJinPing were sitting 100 feet behind us!!

Happy Birthday #MichaelJackson I can’t believe you would have been 60 today! Michael loved #RKelly’s music and hadn’t heard #Ignition (it just came out that day) So I bought the CD and we banged it must of been 50 times driving from #MiamiBeach to #PalmBeach on #I-95 We spent most of our time dancing! Miss you and Love you Michael!

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