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Brett Hoebel  📘author of the 20 Minute Body 💪trainer on NBC's The Biggest Loser-11 🇧🇷capoeira: Roqueiro ✨sweat with soul

Don't bow down and quit…
Bow your head down and remember how far you've come.

“You’ve come too far to be mediocre… life begins outside your comfort zone.” This week's dose of Sweat With Soul is about getting so far outside your comfort zone, you forget your way back. For more inspiration, check out my weekly Sweat With Soul motivational videos at
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I shot this video when I was in Beijing, China teaching with a team of very talented instructors to help launch the incredible flagship studio for Space Cycle. During an afternoon off from teaching, I went to a huge park near my hotel with my talented cameraman Gabe. We spent hours riding around the entire place in a golf cart that drove slower than you could walk, looking for a place to fly the drone. The entire park was a "no-fly zone" so the drone wouldn’t even take off and it felt like we had wasted the day. But the reality when it comes to making impactful media and getting your message out on camera, is not the fancy set, the cool drone shots or the perfect moment. It’s all about YOU being fully present and speaking from the heart. I’m glad we didn’t give up that day and I was able to get personal and share my thoughts on breaking through plateaus and getting to the next level.
#sweatwithsoul . fitness from within.

Getting my flow on for my Brazilian Yoga Sculpt class TONIGHT 7PM at @ReebokLA and every MONDAY in MARCH!
☝️Click the link in my bio☝️to sign-up and details. Space is limited so get your tickets today!👊🏼
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They all begin from within.
Success... failure
Weight loss... weight gain
Winning... losing
Pleasure... pain
Set your intention. Put it in motion. Follow up with emotion.

Just hanging out waiting to teach #BrazilianYogaSculpt at @ReebokLA MONDAY 7PM and every MONDAY in MARCH!
☝️Click the link in my bio☝️to sign up and for details! Space is limited so sign up today!
Only $10 👊🏼
#brazilianyogasculpt #capoeira #yoga # #fusion

Just kicking it getting ready to teach Brazilian Yoga Sculpt at @ReebokLA TOMMOROW 7PM and every MONDAY in MARCH!
☝️Click the link in my bio☝️for tickets and details! Space is limited so get your tickets today! Only $10 👊🏼
#brazilianyogasculpt #capoeira #yoga #fusion

The hack... the one trick... the greatest move... the new trend... the best diet... the secret... is YOU. The dumbbell doesn't lift itself. The diet doesn't cook itself. The early morning or late night workout doesn't just happen. It's a choice you have the privilege of making every damn day. Keep choosing YOU 👊🏼

Shoutout to these badass, amazing and supportive women @brittneycarbonefitness @lisaprova on set at @ktlamorningnews me today. Much LOVE and RESPECT to every woman for International Women's Day!!
#love #respect #internationalwomensday

Pumped to going back on the @ktlamorningnews tomorrow 3/8 LIVE at 9:45am pst doing my SWEET 16 workout! Tune in live and do the workout with me or set your DVRs!!
You can also workout LIVE with me every Monday 7PM in March at @reebokLA. Sign up or more info at the☝️link in my bio☝️

Failure hurts...
Regretting not trying hurts a lot more.

MARCH MONDAYS 7PM at @REEBOKLA, get ready for some yoga with kick! Pumped to teaching my #BrazilianYogaSculpt 🇧🇷 class at the #ReebokWEHO showroom. BYS combines yoga with the fluid movements from the Brazilian martial art, capoeira.
☝️Click the link in my bio☝️for tickets and details! Space is limited, so get your tickets now! Only $10 🙌🏽
Burn calories. Build booty. Brazilfy body.

Today's #TrainerTip is going to be focused on mobility for your back.
These 3 exercises are simple to do and can really help to mobilize your back as well as stretch and lengthen your core. Try mini cobra, cobra and up dog to give your back some relief and let me know how you feel after!
🎥Restora Fitness

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