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Brett Hoebel  ✨Sweat With Soul founder 📘author of The 20 Minute Body 💪trainer on NBC's The Biggest Loser-11 🇧🇷capoeira name "Roqueiro"

More exercises for Bullet Proof Shoulders! Try this move to strengthen your rotator cuff and define the back of your shoulders. This is a must-do move to prevent shoulder injuries or to help if you have one. Tag 🎯a friend that would like this exercise! For more videos like this, go to my YouTube channel
Cable Arm External Rotation
✅Set up the cable machine at
elbow level (use a resistance band at home)
✅Remove the handle and just grab the cable with your thumb pointing away from you
✅Try lighter weight (I'm using 5-10 lbs)
✅Try 12-15 reps and progress by lowering the reps and increasing the weight
✅Try 1-2 sets as a warm up before for an upper body workout
✅Try 3-4 sets during an upper body workout
✔️Start with your elbow bent at 90° and close to your hip (you can put a towel btwn your elbow and hip)
✔️Your hand will start near your opposite hip
✔️Move the cable by rotating your arm bone and thumb out and behind you while squeezing your shoulder blade inward until the cable hits your chest
✔️Slowly release the cable (or band) back to the starting position
✔️Do the opposite side as active rest before doing a new set on your first side
✔️Avoid straitening your arm (uses your triceps) or shrugging your shoulder (uses your neck)
✔️Do it u tip you really feel the 🔥in the back and side of your shoulder!
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Your pain and fatigue don't need to derail you...make them drive you. Your fitness doesn't need to be just needs to be done.

"I'll be your base if you'll trust me you can fly." One of the first times I tried #acroyoga with bae @libertechan. Attending an AcroVinyasa workshop July 15-17 at @yogaworks...wanna join and come fly with us?! For tix or info go to
#yogabeyond @yogaeverydamnday

#CapoeiraBasics #CardioCapoeira
Have you ever wanted to try Capoeira or a martial art? Have fun with these basic capoeira moves to 🔥calories, build your 🍑and improve your flexibility. Plus you feel like a badass and can use them on the dance floor 😉

There are 2 videos, SWIPE RIGHT to see the next one! If you want more videos like this, let me know in the comments 👇👇
#ABADAcapoeira #CapoeiraWorkout

Your results don't care about your bullshit. They care about how bad you F-ing want it.

Set your intention.
Put it in motion.
Follow up with emotion.


Bullet Proof Arms! Try this 3-part upper-arm move to tone your shoulders and upper back.

✅Pick a weight where the last 3 reps are very challenging
✅Try 10-12 reps for 3 sets
✅Pause at the top of every rep for 1-2 secs

1️⃣Front Raise
✔️Lift dumbbells to shoulder lever with arms slightly bent
✔️Don't lean back, keeps abs engaged and feet firmly on floor
✔️Targets front of shoulders

2️⃣Lateral Raise
✔️Lean forward slightly
✔️Lift dumbbells to shoulder lever with arms slightly bent
✔️Think about moving arms out to side rather than up (helps prevent using your trap and neck muscles)
✔️Targets side of shoulders

3️⃣Bent Row (thumbs down)
✔️Turn thumbs to point down toward floor
✔️Bend over so your torso is more parallel to floor
✔️Lift dumbbells to shoulder lever with arms straight
✔️Targets back of shoulders
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Love is unconditional. This photo makes me so happy because it was the first Mother's Day I spent with my birth mother after searching for and finding her ❤️😊
So much love and respect for every woman that has taken on the role, responsibility and gift of being a mom.

Good to kick it with oldskool friends. Many laughs down memory lane from Princeton to LA.
#oldskool #princeton

Day Date! Feeling snazzy with my bae @libertechan. Proud of her for being a part of the @fourseasons charity event and kicking 🍑 public speaking.

Excited to share the interview I did with friend Mark Shapiro @AreYouBeingReal on his The One & Only podcast 👆link in Bio👆

He asked me some of the most engaging and personal questions which allowed me open up and be REAL!

I shared how I turned my childhood pain into purpose, how certain relationships helped me build my career, and how you can improve your accountability to yourself to achieve any goal. Please share the interview if you enjoy it!

#AreYouBeingReal #sweatwithsoul

We are all a work in progress... better to build your masterpiece than to judge someone else's.

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