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Brett Hoebel  ✨Sweat With Soul founder 📘author of The 20 Minute Body 💪trainer on NBC Biggest Loser-11 🇧🇷capoeira name "Roqueiro"


\ Shhh 🗣\
Don’t raise your voice.
Raise the f*cking bar.

\ Live Rejuvenated💧\ Work hard. Play hard. Replenish hard. Shoutout to my favorite hydration sensation @c2ococonutwater... with the pulp!!
And shoutout to my AcroYoga sensei @susievanessayoga for her birthday🎂! Looking forward to learning more of this movement art🙌🏽
#liverejuvenated #acroyoga #sweatwithsoul

\ Trust The Process 🆓 \ It’s hard to let go of control, to surrender, to trust...but the more we fight the natural process, the more we get in our own way. There’s always the chance you’ll fall...but there’s always a greater chance you’ll fly.
Flyer @libertechan
Studio @yogaworks
Gear @mpgsport

\ Limited Edition 1️⃣ \ With every wrinkle, roll, scar and birthmark...you and your body are a limited edition, one of a kind, masterpiece.
#sweatwithsoul #bodylovemanifesto

\ Lean Into It 💯 \ Nothing epic grows inside your comfort zone. That first step is always the toughest and the most important. No, it’s not going to be easy. But it’s going to be worth it.

\ Fuel Your Life 🌱 \ Thank you to all these amazing women and men for an inspiring and informative weekend at @nutritiouslifeofficial’s Master Class 2017. I had the honor of speaking alongside #BossBabes @keriglassman @caleyalyssa @elissagoodman @loroxburgh @hollyperkins @skinfoodtalk @drjoyjacobs and colleagues @maxlugavere @sampolk. I think my favorite part was doing some capoeira “balanaça” and “booty ⏰” with everyone in my suit jacket🤣.
I look forward to seeing each of these Woman Warriors pass on the information and inspiration to their tribe!
#tnsmasterclass2017 #livinganutritiouslife #sweatwithsoul

\ Nothing In Numbers 🔢 \ If you keep stepping on the scale with baggage, the number is always going to be too heavy.

\ The Path 🛤 \ What people say about you is their path. How you let it affect you is yours.

\ Strike While The Iron Is 🔥 \ Don’t hesitate. Commit. Make your move.
#TBT and shout-out to my #fitfam at @reebokLA for always being such gracious friends and community supporters. You guys host amazing classes and throw 💣 parties...with booze 😉
We appreciate you!
#reebokLA #fitfam

\ My Mona Lisa 🎨 \ Your success is not contingent on someone else’s failure...it’s contingent on how hard you f-ing work for it.

\ Air Time 🛫 \ Taking to the air on this happy hump day.
📹 @chazphoto @libertechan
👕👖 @rhone

\ Booty Time 🍑⏰ \ Try these 3 Booty Boosting moves to tone up that tooshie! Let me know if you try them and tag🎯a friend that likes booty workouts!
✔️Dumbbells at your chest or do bodyweight only
✔️Lift your knee up as lunge forward and backward to emphasize more hip flexion and extension
✔️Imagine you are stepping over a low fence
✔️Dumbbells at your side or bodyweight only
✔️Reach toward the dumbbells toward the floor as you lunge, but keep your chest up and abs engaged to protect your low back
✔️Press off your heel to stand back up
✔️Bodyweight only
✔️Whichever leg you lunge forward with, place the same side hand palm to the floor and block your face with your other arm
✔️Keep your back foot on the floor, without sliding during the entire lunge
✔️Engage your abs and exhale firmly as you stand back up
Enjoy these booty exercises. For more booty moves and short workouts, click the👆link in my bio👆or visit 20MinuteBody.com
Team Booty @sierranielsen @jill_labridebody @ironfitnessla
👖👕 @mpgsport

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