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Brett Brooner  a wedding photographer in the midwest that focuses on real emotion between two humans. i'll travel for any wedding. adventure account @thebroonamite

oh how i love me some midwest sunsets 😋

okay. yo, everybody. here's a slice of why i've been distant from this IG account. i'm enjoying my personal time away from work during this offseason. we all need a breather and right now posting on IG is the last of my priorities. i don't need to post every minute of my day, or be vulnerable to all of you. i need to be vulnerable to my family, friends and Carlie in real life bc that's what matters to me, not social media. I'm working on a new website currently. I'm still running things over at @thevisualscollective and giving explorers/adventurers a voice, and the DM and emails from that account alone are incredibly draining. I'm also working with my brother to launch an adventure apparel and supply company come May/June. Shirts, hats, leather goods, home goods, etc. I'm really excited for 2017, and I'll be back on here more once April and May roll around. So much love to y'all and so many thank you's ❤ photo: @reidlancaster 🤘🏼

king and queen. aye. been watchin' lots of Game of Thrones lately 😎

the groom's gpa has a tough time getting around, so we got him to the ceremony digitally. honestly this type of stuff makes my heart so dang happy. this is why i shoot weddings. i've never had more passion in shooting anything else. and these moments and these people make my life amazing.

shooting different makes my brain fresh ❤ @lucaztheophil

happy weekend y'all. spend it with someone you love doing something you love ❤

i am in love with my job ❤

snow storms won't stop us from shooting ❤

dogs need love, too 🐶❤

can't wait to shoot these two rad homies in Tulum in April 🤘🏼

happy, happy, happy 🤗

Mrs. Roth aka @sarasab ❤