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Up for Sale 🔥🔥Ms. Marvel #1🔥🔥 $105 shipped. 1st Appearance and Origin of Ms. Marvel, book in my opinion is a 9.2, book has been cleaned and pressed! CGC ready. 1st to claim gets it! #IGCcommunity #IGCfamily #MsMarvel #ComicsforSale

Sold 🔥🔥Avengers 62🔥🔥$65.00 shipped! Book is a solid 6.5 in my opinion never cleaned or pressed! 1st Appearance of Man-Ape, Black Panther movie Villian. Roy Thomas story, John Buscema Cover and art. 1st to claim gets it! #IGCcommunity #IGCfamily #BlackPantherMovie #MarvelComics #Comicsforsale

Mail Call! Huge shout out to my guy @pnwcollectibles for hooking me up with this sweet deal on this Neal Adams signed copy of Green Lantern 76, this book has been on my want list for a very long time, so happy to finally have it and add it to my PC! #IGCcommunity #IGCfamily #NealAdams #CBCS #GreenLantern

Sold issues 2,3 and 4 Up for Sale! 🔥🔥Black Panther 1-4🔥🔥Volume 2 (1988) This is a NM set, CGC ready! First to claim gets it. Not an easy set to find in Super High Grade. Peter Gillis story, with Denys Gowan cover and art! #IGCcommunity #IGCfamily #BlackPantherMovie #BlackPanther

SOLD 🔥🔥Fantastic Four 53🔥🔥 Origin and 2nd Appearance of Black Panther, 1st Appearance of Klaw! Asking $75 shipped no wiggle, book is conservatively a 6.0, last sale on GPA this month was $120 and climbing! First to claim gets it! Grab it now, there is no doubt it will sell. Always give the IG community first shot. #IGCcommunity #IGCfamily #BlackPanther #BlackPantherMovie #MarvelStudios #StanLee #JackKingKirby

Up for Sale! 🔥🔥Black Panther lot🔥🔥Prices vary per book as a few are Higher Grade! Grades vary from F- to VF+/NM-, buy the whole lot for better price or pick what you want, shipping not included. #IGCcommunity #IGCfamily #Comicsforsale #JackKingKirby #BlackPanther #BlackPantherMovie #Marvel Issues 4,9,10,11 and 12 SOLD

SOLD🔥🔥Avengers 7 ( 5.0 )🔥🔥Asking $125 shipped, last sale on GPA was $144 ,book in my opinion is way under graded, expect it would get a serious bump with a clean and press and re-Sub. Stan Lee story Jack Kirby art #IGCcommunity #IGCfamily #Avengers #AvengersInfinity #ComicsforSale

Another Huge shout out to my guy @entalmighty_comics for hooking me up with this beautiful copy of 1 of my favorite Sub-Mariner covers in Sub-Mariner 11. Gene Colan and Dan Adkins Cover and artwork with Roy Thomas writing. #IGCcommunity #IGCfamily #SubMariner

Another shout out to my friend @entalmighty_comics who hooked me up with this really nice copy of Sub-Mariner number 4, I needed this one good to fill a hole in the run! John Buscema Cover and Art with Roy Thomas writing. IGCcommunity #IGCfamily #SubMariner

Shout out again to my guy @entalmighty_comics for hooking me up with this my 2nd copy of Sub-Mariner 2, Classic John Buscema cover and art with Roy Thomas writing. #IGCcommunity #IGCfamily #SubMariner

Shout out to my guy @entalmighty_comics for hooking me up with this Gorgeous copy of Strange Tales 136 2nd Appearance of Nick Fury! Stan Lee story and Jack Kirby Cover and art! #IGCcommunity #IGCfamily #StanLee #JackKirby

Up for Sale SOLD!!!🔥🔥Avengers 10🔥🔥Asking $65 shipped Book has been cleaned and pressed I'd put it solidly in the 4.5 range. Last sale on GPA was $100 for a 4.5. 1st Appearance of Immortus and Avengers break up! 1st to claim gets it!

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