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Yesterday I trained CrossFitter @jennilyn33 and gave her a badass glute workout. Here's what we did:
Band Skorcher hip thrust 2 x 20 reps
Lever single leg RDL 2 x 8 reps
Assisted eccentric step down with pause 2 x 5 reps
Pendulum quadruped hip extension 2 x 10 reps
Eccentric lever squat with pause 2 x 3 reps
Rounded 45 degree hyper 2 x 30 reps
Nordic ham curl 2 x 5 reps
Seated hip abduction machine dropset 2 x 10/10/10/10 reps

Hope this gives you some good ideas! Reps sped up 2X to fit in more footage.
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Here’s a great hip thrust variation from @benbrunotraining that combines a bilateral hip thrust with a single leg hip thrust. You go up with 2 legs and down with 1 leg. This serves as a great standalone exercise to hammer your glutes (eccentrics are brutal, but awesome), or as a good way to progress to single leg barbell hip thrusts. Swipe left to see Ben do a set with heavy weight. I like doing these in alternating fashion over doing all the reps with one leg then repeating with the other leg, as Ben shows in the video. Give this one a try! #benbrunotraining #brunostrong

Just a typical day at @theglutelab training my Glute Squad. Thanks to my cameraman @aayushswamy for making it all look so badass.
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Around 6 years ago, my followers began using the term “sweet spot” in reference to the load that they felt maximized their glute activation during hip thrusts. I had very strong clients who could hip thrust 315lbs for 5-10 reps, however, they felt their glutes working the most when they used 185lbs. Naturally, they wanted to know whether they should stick solely to their sweet spot load or go heavier, even though they didn’t feel their glutes working as much. ⁣

My advice is to use a variety of loads and try to get your glutes to feel all of them. I remember when I hip thrusted 815lbs, my hamstrings almost seized up and I barely felt my glutes working at all. That said, I am able to feel my glutes working very hard with a legit 3RM and 5RM. And of course, with anything above 10 reps. ⁣

Oftentimes, you cannot feel your glutes because your form deteriorates. This is not always easy to detect, but you don’t achieve as much hip extension (less glutes), you arch your back more (more erectors), and you push more with your legs (more adductors, hammies, and quads). If you’re stricter during heavier sets and at the end of lighter sets, you will feel more glutes. ⁣

Nevertheless, it’s okay to use your sweet spot load most of the time. A good rule of thumb could be to use your preferred weight with 60% of your sets, with the remaining 40% split between going heavier and going lighter. ⁣

Variety is good, and you should experiment with different set and rep schemes as well as tempos (pause reps, etc.). The goal is to gradually raise your hip thrust sweet spot over time, with a big emphasis on gradual. It won’t go up by 100lbs in 2 months; think more like 20lbs every 4-6 months, and the rate of increase diminishes with more years of lifting experience. ⁣

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Hi Fitness Friends! Will you please click on the link in my profile and take this 5 minute survey on glute training?
I would like to get 10,000 responses and intend on publishing the data in my upcoming book. The information will be valuable and beneficial for the field of S&C so your input is appreciated.
You’ll see questions about exercises, training frequency, training split, volume, and more. Please share to help me reach the goal. Thank you in advance!

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Check out @the_hip_thruster bench. We love them here at @theglutelab and use them all the time. Light weight but can handle the load. Can buy them off of my store (see the link in my profile) or the Hip Thruster site.

What an awesome share form @giannis_an34, one of the top players in the NBA. First vid shows his current hip thrust form. Second vid was from last year, and third vid was from 2 years ago. Notice how much more strength and control he has and how much his form has improved. And look at his tibia length! Props to his strength coach for purchasing some @the_hip_thruster units, that’s what I like to see. The thrust is a must 👊🏽 #Repost @giannis_an34
Year 3... To Year 4... To Year 5... You don’t want to see year 6.. What an unbelievable journey! Keep working hard everyday, because if you don’t work you don’t eat. Simple!!

When blogging and FB and Twitter were all the rage, I often noted that it's not what the true experts say that distinguish them from the masses; it's the things they don't say. It's the black and white claims they don't make. Now that IG is all the rage, it's not just about the exercise videos a true expert posts; it's what they don't post. Any whipper snapper can post a video demonstrating some crazy looking exercise, but a seasoned professional will make sure it passes the real world test before introducing it on their page - meaning they'll try it out on themselves and then on a handful of clients to gauge its effectiveness. I've introduced many exercises to the S&C community, but I've thought up hundreds in my head that never made the cut. Here are three such exercises that won't become part of my arsenal.
The first video depicts a single leg self-assisted kneeling db squat. I got a little glute pump from them, but the set up is brutal and most people would butcher it. The second video depicts a side single leg hip thrust from an elevated side plank position. I liked the ROM but I didn't feel it was any better than standard single leg hip thrusts. The third video depicts a side lying hip raise with the top leg supported. I liked them but am not satisfied and feel like I can keep tinkering to figure out an even better way. Props to @cristianfb_entrenadorpersonal for the idea for the latter 2 exercises. You may then be wondering why I posted them.
A good scientist and practitioner will fail 9 times out of 10 with new ideas. Millions are out there lifting weights every day. It's not easy to come up with new techniques and methods. Hell, it's tempting to assume that everything worthwhile has already been discovered. Nevertheless, many of you out there are like me - you have an unquenchable drive to create, refine, and innovate. In the words of Steven Jobs, "The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do." Just make sure to have patience and the discernment to know what is and isn't share-worthy.

Here’s a video I made with the lovely @katiecrewe this weekend. Look at her form - it’s immaculate. Follow her for solid fitness information. We filmed our top 8 bridging/thrusting exercises. If you’re not incorporating some of these into your programs, you’re missing out. Happy thrusting my friends.

#Repost @katiecrewe
I had the pleasure of meeting @bretcontreras1 in person over the weekend, whom I admire a great deal, to get schooled on all things butts 🍑 #luckyme 🙆🏼‍♀️. He’s a super smart dude and if you care about growing your glutes and understanding the science behind it, you should reeaally be following him.
OK, here’s the butt stuff!
Here are 8 variations of hip thrusts (or glute bridges) that you can use depending on what equipment you have available or if you want to change things up. Can confirm, they all 🔥.
While being consistent, making sure you’re putting quality ‘practice’ into movements, and challenging your body to lift more over time are all necessary, it’s a good idea to try different things to see what works best for you 🤗.
Play around with your stance widths, foot position, and different variations to see where you get the best engagement...and keep yourself interested/entertained.
As always, use a pad and avoid eye contact at all costs 👀#yw #happythrusting #glutelab #gluteguy #thethrustisamust #hipthrust #hipthrusters

Try 3 rounds of this killer glute circuit:
1. Band seated hip abduction - 20 reps leaning back, 20 reps sitting straight, 20 reps leaning forward
2. Alternating single leg hip thrusts - 20 total reps (10 with each leg)
3. Bottom half deficit kettlebell stiff leg deadlifts (could use a db too) - 20 reps
4. Heel elevated goblet squat pulses (bottom 1/4 reps) - 20 reps
5. Knee banded glute bridges - 20 reps
Rest 3 minutes in between rounds.
First video is sped up 2X. Swipe left to see individual vids.
Prepare for serious 🍑🔥
Model: @jamiederevere
#gluteguy #glutelab

Thank you to everyone who believed in me. Frog pump PR 150 lbs x 60 reps. Glory to the Glute Lab. (this vid is not srs btw)
#gluteguy #glutelab

Many of my brothers out there have their pec, lat, delt, arm, and leg training mastered but their glute training is lacking. If you desire stronger glutes but aren’t quite sure as to how to go about it, here are some things you can try. (Ladies, these strategies will obviously also work for you but many of you are already doing them.) Tag a swolemate. #glutelab #gluteguy

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