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Haven’t pulled 12 plates in a while (585 lbs). Hit it tonight and it felt pretty good. I’d like to keep building all my current favorite lower body lifts (back and front squats, good mornings and SLDLs, lunges, Smith machine hip thrusts, barbell 45 degree hypers, and conventional and sumo deads). My all-time best sumo pull is 620. I’d love to hit 635 (6 plates and a 25 per side) one day so hopefully I can keep progressing. #gluteguy #glutelab

Here’s a badass bodyweight hotel room glute workout for you:

Feet and shoulder elevated hip thrust 20 reps
Single leg foot and shoulder elevated hip thrust 12 reps each leg
Alternating over bench bird dog 20 total reps
Frog pump 50 reps
Deficit reverse lunge 20 reps each leg
Extra range side lying hip abduction 30 reps each leg

Perform 3 rounds resting 60 seconds between sets. No resistance requires. Prepare for serious 🍑🔥! #gluteguy

I receive numerous emails and DMs from aspiring fitness professionals who wish to succeed in the industry, so I sat down and organized my thoughts on the topic.
You hone your craft in the gym. Time spent in the gym = good. Time spent learning and expanding your knowledge also = good. Who you know is as important as what you know, so you gotta make connections and network. And you need to develop a strong work ethic and sound traits.
But more important than what you do do is what you don’t do. So many of my friends and colleagues have pissed their lives away partying, gambling, and screwing around. I was Frank the Tank in my 20’s and partied like an animal. And guess what? Nobody ever heard of me; I was irrelevant in fitness. It wasn’t until I stopped acting like a kid and stepped it up in life that I started experiencing success. Of course you need to have a balanced life, and drinking a few beers or glasses of wine isn’t a bad thing. But you’ll never be all that you can be if you’re floating through life half buzzed and constantly seeking an altered state. S&C should be your drug! And I’ve never met a troll that amounted to anything in the real world.
When you’re working, you’re not spending, so in essence you’re saving. And savings will allow you to attend seminars, get certified, get an advanced degree, subscribe to a research review, build a home gym, create a website, and/or open up a business. It’ll also allow you to pay your bills on time and treat spouses, family, and friends occasionally, which equates to less stress and more happiness.
Anyone can be busy in life. That’s easy with modern technology. But not everyone can be efficient. Success begets success and each small victory paves the way for the next one.
Now, if you’re passionate about this industry like I am, it’s not all hard work. Hell, much of this advice applies to any career or just life in general. If you’re currently slacking and not making the best decisions, start building better habits and setting small goals. I’m very proud to have built up my name and influence in this industry, but it wasn’t easy. It takes decades of hard and smart work and then one day you’ve made it.

Pulled a Britney Spears and shaved my head on a whim. It’s gonna take some getting used to. #gluteguy

Totally crushed it in the gym last week. Here are my 5 training sessions (swipe left). I hit:

Back squat 405 x 3
Sumo deadlift 545 x 4, 565 x 1
Pull up bw x 15
Bench 275 x 10, 315 x 4
45 degree hyper 275 x 8, 325 x 3
Smith hip thrust 10 plates x 20, 12 plates x 10

I also front squatted and it felt fine (been nursing an adductor strain) and hammered delts hard twice.
I’m weighing in at 238 lbs and feeling great (except for this 24-hour stomach flu I got today). Assuming I feel good this week, I may try for a 455 lb back squat, 585 lb sumo dead, and 315 x 5 bench. Not gonna be foolish if it’s not there though. Would like to see if I can lunge pain free as well.
#gluteguy #glutelab

When you’re searching for a fellow creep and you finally find her, what do you do? You plan a 2-day seminar with her in Sydney, AUS!
Unfortunately, it’s in 13 days and there are only 5 spots left. Hattie promoted this to her followers and nearly booked it full. But I wanted to put this out there to my followers just in case there are any who wish to attend.
Location: Sydney, CBD (Soultrain)
Date: April 28 & 29

I will link to the event on my story right after I post this.
@hattieboydle #frogpumps #frogpumpsfordays #thatfrogpumplife

Hattie @hattieboydle wanted a good glute workout. I think she found the right place for the job - @theglutelab is where glutes go to grow!
Cable kneeling hip thrusts 3 x 20
Band feet elevated bridges 3 x 20
Rounded back extensions 2 x 20
Frog reverse hypers 2 x 20
Seated hip abduction machine 20/20/20 triple dropset
Heel elevated goblet pulse squat 2 x 20
Side lying arcing hip abduction 2 x 20
Pendulum quadruped hip extension 2 x 15

#gluteguy #glutelab

Yesterday @hattieboydle was warming up for squats with this glute activation sequence and I told her that I must get this to my followers.
I don’t discuss low load glute activation that much but it’s purpose is to wake up the glutes prior to a heavy session, not to overly fatigue the glutes prior to the big lifts.
Hattie was prescribed this 4-exercise sequence by physical therapist @andrew_lock_strength and since implementing it she has noticed less back discomfort and more glute recruitment during her heavy squatting sessions. The sequence is as follows (swipe left) -
1) Side lying clam - note that this is performed differently than standard clams. There is a unique set up, less flexion at the knee, and a forward lean toward the ground. This is transverse/horizontal plane hip abduction. Perform 2 sets of 25 reps per side.
2) Single leg glute bridge - you want hip motion without excessive spinal hyperextension or anterior pelvic tilt here. This strengthens end-range hip extension strength. Perform 2 sets of 25 reps per side.
3) Bird dog - this involves hip and knee extension with simultaneous contralateral shoulder flexion and should display hip hyperextension with a relatively neutral spine. It teaches good transfer between the upper and lower body. Perform 10 second isoholds for 10 reps per side.
4) Supine band hip abduction - place a miniband below the knees and drive the knees outward. This is frontal plane hip abduction which focuses more on the upper gluteus maximus and glute medius. Perform 2 sets of 25 reps.
#gluteguy #glutelab #gluteactivation

Attention fitness friends, I have several announcements to make.
1) Glute Lab has been open for 5 weeks, and we already have 90 members and 55 walk-ins. We’re in the process of getting scheduling software as my trainers @arbryce and @alex.sterner cannot keep up with the emails and DMs they’ve been receiving about coming in to workout. Please be informed that next month, we will likely increase our rates since we will be at full capacity very soon.
2) I’m excited to announce that @sorinex will be making my Skorcher unit! This was my first hip thrusting invention in 2006. They’ve made substantial improvements to the model, and we will likely be selling them next month.
3) I’m sorry to those of you who have recently ordered Hip Thruster Loops and are waiting on your shipments. They’re supposedly arriving on Friday and we will get them out within a couple of days. We were misinformed by our manufacturer as to the delivery date of the new batch. My sincere apologies. To make it up to you, I will film a video showing all the cool glute exercises you can perform with it. Keep an eye on your inbox!
4) To Strong by Bret and Personalized Programming members, we’re having issues with our website with WooCommerce conflicting with other plugins. I apologize for all the technical difficulties we’ve been dealing with over the past several months - I know it’s got to be frustrating! I’ve spent a great deal of money converting to a Shopify site so this does not happen anymore. I appreciate your patience as we endeavor to resolve this issue.

B-stance exercises, also known as kickstand exercises, are highly underrated and underutilized in strength and conditioning.
Here I've shown the B-stance squat, B-stance deadlift, and B-stance hip thrust, but you can also perform B-stance good mornings, B-stance leg press, and B-stance with many other bilateral lower body lifts.
While I have not measured the distribution of left to right loading on a force plate, I would venture to guess that the goal is to achieve roughly 70% of the load on the dominant leg and 30% on the "kickstand" leg. These are therefore not true unilateral exercises, but there is certainly a dominant limb.
The major benefits of B-stance lifts are 1) decreased spinal loading, 2) well suited for ensuring/restoring symmetry, 3) high specificity relative to its bilateral counterpart, 4) provides just the right amount of stability for fluid performance while still targeting one leg at a time.
Rather than provide you with hard rules such as "line the toe of the back foot up with the heel of the front foot," I encourage you to experiment in order to figure out your ideal setup. I like to center the leg of the front foot and turn the leg of the back foot outward. You can use plates to create deficits during these lifts if you’d like. Basically, just get under the bar and start playing around with the stance until you find one that feels comfortable and predominantly loads up one limb at a time.
#gluteguy #glutelab

Here are my training videos from last week. I trained full body on M, T, W, Th, and S, and delts/arms on F.
Had a scare in video number 1. Went down for rep 3 of a lever reverse lunge with 275 and felt a big twinge in my left adductor. It’s been sore for 6 days but I’m still able to train lower body. I just have to work around it. Hoping it’s back to normal by the end of this week.
Had an amazing week of training otherwise. Hit some good recent PRs including:

Bench press 275 x 8, 315 x 3
Seated shoulder press 185 x 10, 205 x 5
Pull up bodyweight x 12 nonstop reps
Supinated pulldown 225 x 12
Sumo squat 405 x 1 (easy AF)
Sumo dead 495 x 6
Sumo good morning 315 x 3
Belt sumo squat 12 plates x 6
Smith machine hip thrust 12 plates x 12, 14 plates x 4
Frog pump 200 nonstop reps

Crushed it but felt run down by Thursday so I’m gonna ditch full body for now and switch back to a lower/upper split this week.
I’m doing a ton of sumo stance work and it’s (obviously) translating to the sumo deadlift quite well. Hoping to pull 585 and then 600 and more soon. Maybe I can beat my 620 pull from 2017. Also hoping to sumo squat 455 soon and eventually hit 495. Loving smith machine hip thrusts!
#gluteguy #glutelab

I want you guys to try this glute burnout at the end of your next workout:

50 reps knee banded glute bridge
50 reps bodyweight frog pump 🐸
50 reps bodyweight reverse hypers

I did two rounds of these and my glutes were on fire 🍑🔥. Upper and lower glute burn! Obviously you could modify and do 30 reps of each if you’re a beginner or new to this type of training.
I’ve never liked bodyweight reverse hypers that much (many of my clients love them) but I felt them tremendously when doing them third in the circuit. Aye aye aye! The banded bridges especially hammer the upper glute max and glute med whereas the frog pump and reverse hyper hit both subdivisions. Hope you like it!
#gluteguy #glutelab

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