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Brenon Williams  Just a Singer, rapper, and a songwriter R&B is mostly what i write, dream is to become a music artists🎼🎼🎵 with hard work💯

Ladies i got yaw seriously n even gentlemen its coming #teambrenzobaby❤❤❤❤

Son learning that's for sure, I love this Lil man😘❤❤, he better love me to

Im still working on my music all my followers ik i said my music is coming soon but it will take some time but i promise yaw it will be out!

Iggt imma need n want all my followers to follow me soundcloud my name is Brenzoforlife14, because i will have my music uploaded to there and as well as youtube, facebook every site u can think of coming soon so make sure u follow!! Me!! I can taste my dream at the tip of my tongue all it takes is hard work and dedication!

Go check me out on youtube my name is Brenon Williams, Make sure you give me feedback to and let me know what i need to improve on !! Please and thank you

Everybody go check out my videos on YouTube i have new and improved videos coming soon!!, my name is brenon williams check me out im am 16 years old, support me, being a music artists is my dreammmm!!

Shoutout to @maseratiboii23 boi for working on my beat all yaw go follow him and show him some love!

goodmorning everyone!,I got 1k views on 1 of my videos already make sure yaw go check me out my videos may not be be good but i promise u by yaw seeing n giving me feedback yaw will make my videos better so search me up on YouTube my name is Brenon Williams thank you!

Everybody, everybody, everybody! Go view my videos link in bil n u can go on youtube and search brenon williams let's get it!!

Everybody go check me out on youtube i wanna become a professional singer, help me out, veiw my videos on youtube my name is brenon willians thank you!!, dont forget to give me feedback

Link is in my Bio go checm me out!! N lemme know what i need to get better on n help get put me out here!! Thank you!!

Everybody go check my videos out my name is brenon williams aka brenzo will be ny singing and rapping name!, my name is brenon williams on youtube and facebook check me out please!!!, lets goooooo!! Thank you I'd appreciate it

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