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Brent Swansen  Educator, Trainer, NPC Superheavyweight Bodybuilder, Drummer, Type 1 Diabetic, Christian, Underground Athlete, midwestmusclereport.com, MuscleEgg 🍳

I would say @d_ray_photography had a great olympia. He did shoots with the biggest names in the sport (not me haha top pro olympians) and I was very stoked about the shots he captured of me for my personal use and for some of my sponsors. If he is in your area show weekend and you want a gym shoot you need to highly consider his services!!!! Plus he is makes it fun!!!!

#diabetic #diabetes #insulinpump so in earlier post when i was on poverty calories i was using around 20 to 30 units per day and def had depleted glycogen. One of the only good things about my disease is it makes filling quite easy leading into the show. Here are my daily totals from day before show, show day, and day after show. Some might not get it other's who are into #bodybuilding might find it interesting. I feel i could have been a touch fuller onstage BUT i rather be a touch flat then spilled and smooth.

Well the fat fest for me is over. Post show i will give myself a few days to go all out but then its time to get back on it because for me its a lifestyle not a 16 week prep journey. You better believe this will be a staple in my daily life now that the grind of the #contestprep is done and i have a touch more freedom in my diet other than just fish and veggies. @justrighteating protein pancakes. Very nutrient friendly and tastes amazing texture is def on point. Who knew just oatmeal, cottage cheese, and eggwhites could taste so amazing!!! If i put these three ingredients together it would def not taste this good haha!!!! I top it off with blueberries and #waldenfarms pancake syrup.

#MuscleEgg is a staple of my daily life rather in #contestprep or in my offseason. We have known for awhile they are coming but SOOOOOO stoked for the 🍳single serve containers🍳 that were just released at the #olympia. ➡You soon will be seeing these at gas stations and convenient stores nationwide.⬅ Not to mention any other brands BUT how nice will it be to have a QUALITY protein drink option when traveling that is convenient and tastes great!!!!! I forsee this being a huge hit in the marketplace and for #teammuscleegg . As always if you are gonna order and need to save some 💰💰💲💲hit up me or @autumnifbb for the monthly code. If you dont like saving money and order that is good too......bottom line just do you and become the healthiest version of you. Photo credit @d_ray_photography @dustinraymond

The fitness industry is great but as we all know many times there is a lot of smoke and mirrors.....things arent always as they appear. These people are my family and over the years we get better together,celebrate together, grind together. The relationships are much deeper than the stage and competing.....thats just one facet. Be more than what is surface level the sport needs it....the world needs it.
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This entire group of people right here are family to Mandus and I. The amount of love and support we have for one another is overwhelming and I'm so blessed to have each one of them in my life!
This past weekend I watched @brentswansen take home second place at the 2017 Amateur Olympia in a stacked Super Heavyweight Class - my heart was heavy watching him take 2nd especially after watching my other half take 2nd just two weeks before when they both put their heart and soul into their preps SO close to reaching their goals. Yet, they both win like champions and lose like champions 🏆 Then watching one of my biggest inspirations @autumnifbb place 8th in the world for the second year in a row 🙌🏼 Already focused on game plan to come back even BETTER next year. #Relentless #Motivating #Inspiring are just a few words to describe this group of family. Iron will always sharpen iron ⚔️

#mealprepmondays because in #vegas must get my favorite burger in the world peanutbuttercrunch from #pub1842 . Thick angus patty, crunchy pb, bacon jelly, cheese, and lays potatp chips. I always get one for the next day too and am that guy that puts it in a tupperware for work haha. Last meal of fun before get back to reality. @autumnifbb

If you are in the fitness industry and dont know @d_ray_photography you very soon will. Talk about talented this guy in gym shoots is next to none. Funny story this pic was a day after my show and lets just say my electrolytes were off. I had just puked my brains out mid shoot and forced myself to keep going because we all know the show shape dry look flees quickly. So glad i did because this was the next shot we did after my little mishap.

A few stage shots that were sent to me. Hardly any are up yet but from what I see super happy with what we brought. Now time to see @autumnifbb crush this thing tomorrow!!!!

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#UndergroundAthletes @brentswansen took home 2nd place today at the 2017 Amateur Olympia!! 🏆 Brent dominated the class with conditioning and hardness with his best package to date! The grind doesn't stop here... #IronSharpensIron

Goosebumps......this is what we grind for lets go!!!

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