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Brent Schindel  Husband, Father, Real Estate Agent, Appraiser, Entrepreneur, Football Ref.

Hot dogs at 10am? They will be fresh! @thewestwingweekly @robloweofficial

Excited to start my 5th season of officiating. There is nothing that warms my heart and makes me feel good like getting yelled at and told I suck for 3 hours. #officiating #football

We have a spider problem.

The look of shame that comes from swim lessons time out #2

Will is in swim class timeout.

I don’t think she totally got what she bargained for when we got married, but she has put up with my crazy ideas in the past 6 years, which include two buy, remodel, move in for a year, and sell homes. She puts up with a lot and is super patient 70% of the time, but supportive 100% of the time.

5 days in @disneyland. (The five day park hopper pass should come with a scooter. )Ry rode Grizzly River run about 9 times and loved every second. Since @melschindel hates to get wet I did it 8 times. I was soaked 70%of this trip.

Saturday Vibes

For a sure fire good time on a Friday night, order 20 yards of bark.

Some steamy puppet scenes. #puppetshow

This guy could stay in the snow all day.

#snowglobe ❄️ ❄️

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