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My friends vs me this winter..☃️🎄😍

My friends Vs Me this winter..🎄😫😥 @benazelart @maddylove23 @carlyflub @imalanstokes TAG A FRIEND😂

who else is excited for Christmas!? 😫😍

Which one was the hardest to watch!?😳😂 TAG A FRIEND to ruin their day😂

How friendships are born..😂 thank you, next🎶 @imalanstokes TAG A FRIEND😂

who else can relate?😳😂 #singlelife

When I say take pictures of me, this is what I mean or we’re no longer friends..😝😂 @benazelart TAG A FRIEND😂

Which date would you pick?❤️

When you see someone you hate in public..😬😂 @sofiedossi @benazelart @_calebburton TAG A FRIEND😂

When you and your friends are hungry..🍔😍 @imalanstokes @imalexstokes TAG A FRIEND😂

Caption this 💦

Weird FLEX(ible) but okay..😱😂 @sofiedossi TAG A FRIEND😂😂

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