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"Milkyway 2018" First shot of Milkyway core this year for me. Missed part of core this morning as I went out a little to late. I needed my first coffee and plan my route for my 80 foot journey from the house to this spot. This was a Single exposure.🙏 Nice meteor zoomed across the sky as I was taking this picture.👌

Intense Sundogs captured over Manitoba. Cold weather has its benefits.

Sunny Winter Day
The sun
it’s awake,
it’s shinning on the trees.
The ice
it’s clear like glass
it’s on the tree branches.
The snow
it’s cold,
it’s everywhere.. There is no one around you.
All you can hear is cracking from the sun warming the ice and its slowly melting.
~Daisy Bradford

"Light Pollution" 👽 🌃Sometimes light pollution helps when capturing an image. I’ve been at this abandoned farm yard several times but always wanted to come back for some night shots. There was very low, thick cloud cover behind me, and lots of light pollution from a large town close by. Because of the thick clouds, that light was trapped underneath them. With nowhere to go, light pollution travels sideways reflecting along the ground … in this case, to light up the scene for me. On a clear night, I would have had to use artificial lighting to create this kind of foreground detail. There was a nice large clear spot in the sky above the house with no cloud cover which was my opportunity to get some nice stars in the picture. To the left of the house, a bright hint of Aurora was starting to shine through the clouds on the north horizon.🌌 When I got home and looked at my picture, I was happy to see I also got a shooting star. 🌠

How was your weekend? Did anyone else capture the supermoon?? 👌🙏. There are many beautiful artistic images out there. This my version of a fake picture just like so many featured on IG hubs. Pretty sad that people who cannot make an effort to actually capture an actual good image have to create one on their computer. Then try to pass it off as real! If its art then let your followers know its a made up artistic image. I have no problem with artistic images just be honest about them.

Whiteout..found a couple lonely trees.

"Lunar Eclipse"

It was very cold and windy this morning. But the Lunar eclipse was totally visible. We had zero cloud cover which was awesome. This picture was at the beginning stage of Totality, the dark section is called Earth's Umbra. Taken in Eastern Manitoba, Canada.

The X-Files.👽 On this night there was a lot of haze in the air from a forest fire not too far away. Combine that with a G1 solar storm and mist from a waterfall at the end of the path and you have an episode from my favourite TV show. Taken in Manitoba, Canada. Summer 2016

"Light Trails" 🌌⛟ This is one of my favorite "light trails" pictures. It was taken in Spring 2016 on the way to Thompson, Manitoba. The light trails were created from a semi-truck zooming by as I was capturing the Aurora Borealis dancing overhead.

Did you know that the word “photography” comes from the Greek words phos (“light”), and graphis (“stylus”, “paintbrush”)? Together they mean “drawing with light”. Here’s a little history on light painting and light trails.

Two French fellows, Étienne-Jules Marey and Georges Demeny met when Demeny enrolled in a physiology course being taught by Marey. They soon became close associates and ultimately pioneers in photography. They developed several photographic techniques to study the movements of everything from humans to horses. Light painting dates back to 1889 when Étienne and Georges traced human motion in the first known light painting “Pathological Walk From in Front”. One of the first people to do light streaks of a moving object was Jack Delano, a photographer for the Farm Security Administration in the US. In 1943, Jack used a slow shutter light painting technique to capture to motion of railroad workers and railroad cars while snapping photographs of the Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad.


The first Full Moon of the year is named after howling wolves. The wolfmoon is the brightest of the three super moons that we will have this winter. We were also blessed with a moon Halo around the Wolfmoon. *
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☀️UPDATED:☀️ I was pretty excited to witness this amazing sky today at about 10 am. What I had thought were some very cool sundogs and sun halos have turned out to be something a lot more complex. Several people with meteorological knowledge have advised that the atmospheric phenomena captured here are: a circumzenithal arc, a supralateral arc, an upper tangent arc (relatively rare), a 46 degree halo (pretty rare), a Parry arc, Parry supralateral arcs, a 22 degree halo, twin sun dogs (parhelia), partial parhelic circle, and an upper sun pillar. I also understand it is rare to see all of these during a single event. I hope you enjoy my picture!☀️☀️☀️
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Holiday Morning.. 🌲🌲☀️ Rural Manitoba..

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