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When your friend jumps in on a session and you hop back on after you think your dog ate glass and you have to run him to the vet, but you want to make sure you save your progress. #hesnotdead

@mt_st_jackie and I enjoying this magical place again

Yep, another dog pic. Don't care. This rug is outta here ✌️

Our hike seemed safe up until this point #beware #cowwarnings

Snowed in

@mt_st_jackie sorting out 17

A profound year w @mt_st_jackie ♥️cheers to the great unknown '17!

Time for a nap💀 @clintistouring @eddiefisher1r

🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾thank you @zooraft for an amazing 3 days🍾

6/6 @ttspry

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