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___________________________________________________________Art is a & Mauro have been having an ongoing conversation about art for over 15 years since we met in London at Goldsmiths College MFA. We’ve made a point to meet up to discuss and look at art and determine what it takes to make an interesting work. “Why is it art? “Looking forward to many more conversations...

BEING TRUE —-22 years of American youth——————limited edition box set and gallery exhibition curated by the esteemed @aaronroseofficial a few years back that I was so fortunate to be included with these amazing folks #beingtrue #contemporaryart #nike #timbarber #terryrichardson #tbt

___________________________________________________________ 10 years ago Ari Marcopoulos handed me his Leica M6 and a roll of Kodak 3200 while we were hanging at Harmony & Rachel’s...and I took a few pictures_______________________________________________
#35mm #harmonykorine #analoguephotography #tbt #leica @ari_marcopoulos_official

Me & Werner Herzog on the set of Harmony Korines “Mister Lonely” circa 2006_____________________________________________________
#misterlonely #wernerherzog #tbt #tcb

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I met Dennis Hopper about ten years ago today while I was taking out the trash in Nashville. A tinted black Caddy rolled through the alley as I was smoking a cigarette holding a bag of trash. The tinted passenger window eased down as Dennis Hopper leaned forward to light his cigar. The driver creeped on through the alley and we missed sharing a light. A worker in the distance yelled “Hey, that’s Dennis Hopper!” For my children, my mantra IF as recited by Hopper #easyrider #dennishopper #resteasy #kipling #johnnycashshow #nashville #poetryaintdeadyet

Thanks Willie. It was a helluva show. Good night #grandoleopera. @williesstewart

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