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I met Dennis Hopper about ten years ago today while I was taking out the trash in Nashville. A tinted black Caddy rolled through the alley as I was smoking a cigarette holding a bag of trash. The tinted passenger window eased down as Dennis Hopper leaned forward to light his cigar. The driver creeped on through the alley and we missed sharing a light. A worker in the distance yelled “Hey, that’s Dennis Hopper!” For my children, my mantra IF as recited by Hopper #easyrider #dennishopper #resteasy #kipling #johnnycashshow #nashville #poetryaintdeadyet

Thanks Willie. It was a helluva show. Good night #grandoleopera. @williesstewart

Last day at the Grand Ole Opera #grandoleopera

Final weekend #GrandOleOpera

Final week of installation Grand Ole Opera with Willie Stewart curated by Gabriel Florenz #grandoleopera. @williesstewart

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