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Brenda  ⭐Getting fit and helthy with Tone It Up!!! 👙💪👯 ⭐Twitter @BrensparkleTIU

#BootyCall was the love your legs and The inner and outer thighs routine also did 1.9 miles on the trampoline I realized after that. I didn't do the 2 miles jiji 😜 #FriskyFall #TIUTeam

#BootyCall I did yesterday's sunkissed abs and the holiday Arm routine then 2 miles on the trampoline #FriskyFall #100byHalloween

#BootyCall insane cardio omg the toning part was hard and was to tired +_+ to do sunkiss abs I'm doing before bed 😊 #100byHalloween #FriskyFall #TIUTeam

Yesterday meals M2 carrot juice with lemon, turmeric and cayenne pepper M3 was quinoa cake, maple balsamic Brussels sprouts and avocado M4 juice and nuts M5 mushrooms and quinoa #TIUPlan #FriskyFall #TIUmeal

Had a bombshell spell then for #BootyCall the back to School Workout and the Booty Blasting Stair Circuit, I got really tired at the end. For M1 I had #PerfectFit with coconut water and a strawberry-apple strudel bar from the #SummerSizzle edition

Prepping for the first day of #friskyfall #100byHalloween #TIUTeam

#BootyCall I did love your arms and abs routine I didn't do cardio cause I had an almost headache all day an was super tired and then saw that pollution levels were very high so that's why I felt pourly #BikiniSeries

#BootyCall was Beach Yoga with Karenaand 30 min of jogging on the trampoline #100bysummer after that I had a super yummy smoothie with frozen tropical fruit and almond milk and of course #PerfectFitProtein incredible but I had M2 a small apricot #bikiniseries

Today wasn't feeling super energetic but I try my best on doing everything #BootyCall was bikini booty and bikini body I did 14 of the last crunch but I loved the "What the @&$%" at the end jiji🙉 and then did Spring into Summer but it was only 2.4 miles because I wasn't feeling it #100bySummer and I had a small walk PMWO #BikiniSeries

#BootyCall was Bikini Arms I 💜 this routine so much then Itty Bitty Bikini Abs and for #100bysummer I did 23 min on the trampoline #BikiniSeries

Today's #BootyCall was Bikini Booty Routine, Toned and Sexy Abs and Bikini Arms Routine I really like bikini arms but I didn't do yoga cause I pulled my back #bikiniseries

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