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Day 24: Hands and Ceiling fans
I like finding the beauty in everyday things :)
. .
#30daysofdance #day24

Day 23: Crickets and Cars

It was an interesting feeling to move to the soothing sounds of the night critters, but also be on alert for oncoming cars lol. And maybe the next time I dance in the middle of the street it won’t be on an incline...
. 🎥 @antonio_007 .
#30daysofdance #day23

Day 22: Tis the Season
I had a lot of fun playing with this song suggested by @yasminadlv and I’m paying a little homage to @unmatasigil and @yameyameyame with the creepy hair play. I’m definitely going to be playing with this again :) .
. 🎶 “Aorta” by @tanyatagaq .
#30daysofdance #day22 #aorta #tanyatagaq

Day 21: Giving In

I had an entirely different dance prompt that I planned to do today, and then Janet came on. #canthelpit .
. 🎶 “All Nite (Don’t Stop)” by @janetjackson .
#30daysofdance #day21 #janetjackson #allnite

Day 20: Double Vision

Barely had any energy left to dance after a full day of work and 3 hours of choreography creation and rehearsal. On the edge of feeling completely burnt out, I was left with just attitude lol .
. 🎶 “Filthy” by @justintimberlake .
#30daysofdance #day20 #justintimberlake #filthy

Day 19: Listening
Woke up with a swollen and very achy left calf, so I’m consciously listening to it and giving it the rest and care it needs today. In the past I’d just power through it, but that’s not the way to love your body.
. 🎶 “Loves Way” by @sevdaliza_ .
#30daysofdance #day19 #sevdaliza #lovesway

Day 18: Heartbreaker
Been playing around more with rock, trying to not just shimmy or hair toss throughout the whole thing...but when it calls for hair tosses I can’t deny it lol. .
. 🎶 “Heartbreaker” by Pat Benatar .
#30daysofdance #day18 #patbenatar #heartbreaker #rock

Day 17: Freestyle Roulette
Had to change my original dance plan due to an interesting situation that I won’t mention here,
so I did a few rounds of #freestyleroulette in the hallway. It’s a really beneficial dance exercise I learned from @galenhooks ♥️ And this song is beautiful ❤️
. 🎶 “Siren” by @mudigyal .
#30daysofdance #day17 #siren #mudi

Day 16: Hands

Decided to challenge myself with putting a song that I love to lose myself to, but containing all the groove in my hands. It was torture to not dance with my whole body!
. 🎶 “Full Moon” by @4everbrandy .
#30daysofdance #day16 #hands #fullmoon #brandy

Day 15: Mothership One

Had an amazing time at Harlem Dance Club’s Mothership One, their 5th anniversary celebration! What better way to end a gorgeous day of dance and community with a house party on the stage open to all! And yes, I’m wearing the same clothes from last night. Bite me 😆

Shout out to @saammish for videoing me while she was also throwing it down with her bad self. ♥️
. 🎶 “Finally” by Kings of Tomorrow .
#30daysofdance #day15 #harlemdanceclub #mothershipone #kingsoftomorrow #finally

Day 14: Friday Night Feels

Took a moment for myself before I jumped into teaching and rehearsals. .
🎶 “Is This Love” by @whitesnake .
#30daysofdance #day14 #whitesnake #isthislove

Day 13: Dances With Mirrors
I found last year when I did this challenge that I REALLY like working with mirrors, there’s something special about the shapes you can create and it’s nice to partner with your doppelgänger every now and then. I finally unpacked enough boxes to have a little room to play with the ones in my new apartment. I also purposely cut my head off :) .
🎶 “Seasons” by Azura .
#30daysofdance #day13 #azura #seasons #mirrordance

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