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Show me a better coin holder? Check out my buddy Jim @sealartisan #coins #coincollecting #coin #unique

I am getting hit up by a lot of people asking about how to prepare for BUDS and military service. Well, since I went to BUDS over 30 years ago my opinion is pretty dated and really does not mean that much. But I will offer this, if your preparing for BUDS or the military general, do you think super heavyweights or kipping pull-ups in the gym will help you carry a pack in Afghanistan at 10,000 feet elevation? I will let you decide. Have a good weekend...#hike #afganistan #elevation #oef #motivation #train #inspiration #cardio #fitness #coach

Halloween setup this year. #halloweencostume #halloweenmakeup #halloween

What used to be a wasted space under my stairs is now a bad ass cabinet. Check out @mccarthywoodworks. Solid work and Great dude #customwoodwork #wood #bar #wetbar #renovation #furniture #dothework #carpentry #woodart

Have not posted in a bit. Had a bunch of guys asking me about knifes and hatchets. I am not that creative, so I figure a picture of “some” of my collection would work. Who can name them all? #knives #knifemaker #knifeporn #hatchet #winklerknives #customhatchet #navy #sharp #airsoft #specialforces #swissarmyknife #swissarmy

"Thank you for your service" People say it all the time but how many people actually take the next step and tangibly thank vets and first responders? In my experience, not many. Please take a moment out of your day and check out the link in my bio. @crusades22 is taking that next step in helping our vets and first responders fight the issues that present themselves after years of service and sacrifice. #Repost @crusades22 with @get_repost
We are now LIVE on Kickstarter!!! Follow the link below to visit our Kickstarter Campaign page for The FORGING!! and please share with your personal, professional and extended networks. And from all of us here @crusades22 - THANK YOU for your support as we continue to design and develop programs and initiatives that help care for, serve and support our Nation’s HEROES!!!
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Can you show me a better cup holder? I ordered three of these and cannot be more pleased. See those lines? He did that with electricity. Hats off to my good friend and teammate for over 25 years. @sealartisan. Check him out, you will not find a more talented man.#cupholders #woodworking #bourbon #navy #retirement #talent #customwoodwork #engraving

Picture speaks 1000 words. Take a min to reflect on this day. Take a good look, what does this picture mean to you? I wish I would have taken a better look as we were driving by #9-11 #boats #waronterror #twintowers #reflexiones #inspirational #motivation #swcc #boat #udtseal #seal #fastboat

Old school night vision with my good friend Mack. May he Rest In Peace. Live every day like it was your last. Richard John "Mack" Machowicz was a Navy SEAL, and the host of the Discovery Channel and Military Channel show Future Weapons. Mac and I went to sniper school together and deployed together before he became famous… He was a good man and a strong SEAL who can name the scope? #navy #navyseals #oldschool #sniper #camoflauge #nightvision #sniperrifle #rifleporn #snipers #sniperelite #supressor

Great cause by a new friend of mine. Check him out and listen to me run my suck for a bit #Repost @onestoomany_official with @get_repost
Today’s show we have an amazing guest named Boyd Renner joining us today. He is a soon to be Alumni from Penn State’s MBA program, a Co-Founder of a startup, and 23-year member of the NSW’s prestigious Development Group.

In today’s episode we go over what it takes to get through BUDS and what your mindset should be when going through while tackling what they do to help combat depression and suicide. According to Boyd it is a problem with every unit in the military, even the best still struggle through sometimes. 
As many of us know, once you get out, it isn’t all a piece of cake. We learn more about finding a new tribe to replace the one that you left and how to make that one part of your life. We learn a lot about difficulties once you get out from his perspective and how doing something every day to make himself better has kept him grounded. Giving back is always a fantastic idea, as we learn about a walk coming up soon for Cystic Fibrosis. Everyone should check out his and his wife’s page, please donate if you can, share if you can’t. Every dollar helps go to an amazing cause.
Have you ever wanted to stay connected to whatever motivates or inspires you? Look no further than Everence, it is a product designed by Endeavor Life Sciences that will allow you to get a tattoo with the DNA of your wife, child, dog, battle buddy, or whoever. How better to commemorate this part of your life than get a tattoo? You know you love tattoos just as much as I do, not it is time to show it.

1.Never underestimate yourself
2.Never let others underestimate you, if they do use it to your advantage
3.Don’t be afraid to ask
Cystic Fibrosis Walk
Boyd- @Brenner350
Everence Webpage –
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