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Because leaf springs, even with metal spring bushings, can work just fine.

I finally got my tread depth gauge in the mail. The Patagonia black labels seem to be holding up pretty dang well for a more sticky compound. It was hard to get the right angle, but the tires are at 18/32. That is only 1/32nd of wear with 2400+ miles of 70-80mph highway driving and a complete trip through the Rubicon trail. Not bad at all. I'm very curious how my other set of 40s would have faired over the same trip and mileage......

Time to dust off this project. Anyone else want a new and improved version of my old flat fender 'Rango'? #Rango2pointOh

I wonder how hard it would be to get two of these to be able to talk to each other? Basically a wireless intercom system for my flat fender or the #LX45 on the highway.

Just over 2400 miles on the 40" Patagonia Black Labels so far. Tread wear for a half sticky tire at mostly 70-80 mph doesn't look too bad to me. Time for a cross rotation.

2400 miles in the #LX45. I gotta get the cruise control working......

Test drive time on the #LX45 tonight with a new transmission tune. It is way more better now! 5th and 6th gear entry are much cleaner and realistic at part throttle now. Low range is also about 80 percent better than it was. The only hiccup is it seems to want to downshift to 5th from 6th at about 50mph. It is still WAY better than it was on the Rubicon a few weeks back. Now I just need to get that pesky BCM module figured out so I can play with tap shift!

Anyone know anything about adding the BCM module back into the harness? I would like to use it for tap shift and cruise control on the #LX45.

For those wondering, I made it home from the #LX45 shakedown run safe and sound. I'll try and do an AAR after I recover.

A pic I snapped during setup when they where trying to organize the #LX45 in the booth. It was a crazy day talking to a few hundred people about the build.

The #LX45 is in the booth for the show tomorrow. If you are in SoCal make sure to stop by Off Road Expo and check out my little truck! A big thank you to for making this possible.

Working a tight spot on the Rubicon in the #LX45 last week. I miss the Rubicon.

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