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BRENDON URIE FAN PAGE❤️❤️  Been inactive for a while but I'm back!💘💘 follow me, I follow back! 💫

i apologize. •

have a great day everyone •


illuminati cONFIRMED

sorry i'm bored af •


Oh boy! Happy Late New Year! It's been a long time since I've been on, but juggling school and basketball has been stressful.

I'll start making some new stuff this month, we have off school a LOT this month so I'll be back and better than ever!


Hey guys! I've been far too busy with school to make a picture but I thought this was funny enough to make up for it!

Managing this account was easier over the summer!


Hey loves! I got all my apps back so you're gonna get more original pics!

Sorry it's a new font! I decided it was time to switch things up ☺️


Sorry for being inactive for so long!

I feel so bad.

I had to reset my phone so I lost all of my apps and I couldn't download all the apps I use to make pictures. Therefore, Twitter screenshot! Love you guys!💕

Side note: I applied for York County School of Technology! I don't know if I made it in until March or something like that but I'm going for medical professions! Wish me luck y'all!

Whoever made this is a genius😂😂

Comment below...on a scale of 1-10, how FUNNY is this picture?!😂


Gosh I spent hours on this and I couldn't get better quality than that😓

Sorry! But I hope you like it😘


I've been waiting such a long time for this music video! Its finally here!😍

Like if you think Brendon looks hot in his red suit❤️


Still my favorite video of him 😂❤️

If you haven't watched it, it's called "Drunk History of FOB"'ll find it.


Brendon's drunk history of FOB...😂

This was my favorite part! 😄


I made this myself!😏

Sorry it's not that great...😔


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