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Brendan Dahlin Nolan  Personal, non-full time photography account for Brendan. Occasional posts. For more regular posts, see photo account - @thecandidstreets

Shout out to the @cityofto’s City Manager’s Office Transit Policy Coordination staff who’ve been living this reality for much of the last few months — @kurtiselton, @diana7141, Cayla, Scott, Kevin & their fearless leader Karen Thorburn. (Sorry guys, I forgot your insta accounts.) They’ve worked incredibly hard, day-in and day-out, doing whatever has been asked of them, often on a moment’s notice. Their work is among the highest quality of the Toronto Public Service, in part because it receives the most scrutiny with an entire region and three levels’ worth of stakeholders invested in their efforts.
So on this holiday weekend, take a moment to say “Cheers!” to a few of the absolutely unsung heroes of 2019. They are, of course, far from the only ones putting in countless hours working on these files, but I have the privilege of working with this team every day and get to see their commitment in action.
Take it from me, the all deserve a bit of recognition for their efforts — but more importantly, they all deserve a long sleep or three!

No, this weekend is time for pug cuddles! .
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One of those moments where you suddenly realise "How have I never done this before?!?" -- using a coffee java jacket to hold my wicked hot take-out soup.

REPORT — WEEK 1 with the Ricoh GR II

Status update, one week shooting primarily with the Ricoh GR II: I love it. I totally get the appeal of this camera and now understand why it’s affectionately known as the “King of Street Photography cameras”. You can watch all the videos, read all the websites or pour over the details of the street photographers who’ve used it, but until you get the Ricoh GR II in your hands it’s hard to understate just how effective this camera is in taking street photographs.
It’s size and weight make it almost disappear in your hand. And I can’t emphasize “hand” enough, as this camera can be operated completely one-handed. (An increasingly rare trait these days!) As small as the camera is, Ricoh somehow managed to cram an ASP-C sized sensor in it — the same sized sensor as in my recently departed Canon 80D and current Fujifilm X-T1. But thanks to some great choices made in deciding what types of light filters to include or not, the quality of images has been really impressive to me.
I’ve included a small sample of some of the shots that I’ve taken this week with the GR2 if you’re interested. (And yes, they’ve been cross-posted to my other account — @thecandidstreets if you’re so inclined.) I’ll probably continue to shoot with it exclusively for at least another week as I continue to shake out the GR2’s quirks and habits.
I’m really looking forward to seeing how this camera continues to perform, but I know already that I’m getting photos I wouldn’t have previously got with my Fuji in the same circumstances.

And a black & white shot from the GR2 (although to be fair to it, this was taken in colour and converted to B&W in Adobe Lightroom using an Adobe Profile - B&W #6 for the record.) As before, this was taken using the GR2's SnapFocus shooting technique, where you just shoot and the camera fires based on your established presents for distance and apaterure.
I'm hoping to take some genuine B&W shots with the GR2 later this week, and I'll post them for comparison.
It should also be noted that while I did the conversion on this shot to B&W, I didn't do any other real processing aside from the usual basic adjustments to exposure and straightening of the image. So take the image quality for what you will.
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First test shot with the Ricoh GR2. Basically popping it up through the sunroof one-handed and shooting while we were at a stop sign and saw this scene.
Didn't realize that I'd accidentally forced the ISO up to 6400 for this photo in a daylight situation, which is why it's got a bit more grain to it than you'd expect.
Excuse the sky - I also decided to play around a bit with my new Wacom Intuos tablet since the sky was pretty much completely washed out by the ISO setting. That's also why you've got some trippy colour bleed going on between the trees and the sky.

That said, I'm actually rather pleased with this shot given I couldn't even see the screen when I took it. The colour profe that came back is proving to be impressive, particularly in popping reds.

The latest addition to the family... a Ricoh GR II in fantastic condition! I've been lusting after this camera for the better part of 1.5 years now, or pretty much since I started seriously doing street photography, so to say that I'm over the moon at actually having it is a massive understatement.
If you've never heard of a Ricoh GR II and are looking at it thinking that I've lost my mind, here's a quick video by one of my favorite photographers Mattias Burling that succinctly explains the attraction of the GR II -
Even more succinctly:
1) It's small enough to fit in my pocket, which is good when I can't always carry my Fuji without drawing attention.
2) It's got a 16.2MP APS-C sensor, which is the same sized sensor as my Fuji. This isn't just a point & click poor quality image maker!
3) People have been trained to pay even less attention to it as they do my Fuji camera, as it LOOKS more amateur. That means I have just a little more of a chance to capture the shot before the act of being observed changes the shot. (That's the entire game as a street shooter.) 4) It's capable enough to serve as my backup camera and easily travel to shoots as part of my kit.
5) Snap Focus capabilities -- almost no other camera out there does this. Watch the video for full explanation.
Look, I'm really thrilled to add this camera to my toolbox. It's already inspiring me to consider how I can add to/adjust/evolve some of the personal projects that I've had kicking around in my head. I'll be sharing some of my early test shots from the GR2 both here and maybe on TheCandidStreets once I've had a chance to play with the files.
It's got a reputation for incredible b&w shots, as well as a great colour profile, so I'm really curious to see what things end up looking like.

I'm not entirely sure I trust this knot, particularly given the evil place the model appears to have gone for the promo photo.
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@geographywee - Dessert round. Almond roll with pure strawberry sherbet and fresh local strawberries for Grace. Stewed rhubarb with toasted oat crumble and ginger ice cream for me. (Ginger for the ginger naturally! 😉) Still finishing the 2015 Ravine Chardonnay, because it's so damn good! 😎

@geographywee - Main course: Line-caught BC Ling cod with a stewed rhubarb and chiliesn chutney and roasted seasonal vegetables. Ravine's buttery 2015 Chardonnay accompanying.

@geographywee - Grace and I are celebrating the end of the school year in the vineyard today. Starter for me (after our complementary glass for being wine club members), goat cheese and mixed beet salad with house granola and arugula in a citrus dressing. Ravine's excellent 2017 Gewürztraminer accompanying. 😎

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