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Brendan Bellantoni  Personal trainer💪 Real estate🏠 Crossfitter🏋 Entrepreneur💻 Aspiring Actor/Model📽📸 Renaissance Man🎓


Workout attire for #fuckmeupfriday
Can’t help it I was feeling myself. Even if I wasn’t feeling good, I thought I was looking good. 📸: @robertramseyrevolution

Trainers have trainers too. He keeps it real. 😞 Wtf are these muscles for anyway.

While you guys are freezing out there, I’m smashing these weights. Don’t think I’ve ever went for a 1rm hang power clean but here’s #280. Not bad for someone who hasn’t been lifting heavy at all. I still got some power in these hips. Photobomb by @globalpear 📸: @stephanyb15

Remember this moment. You have the power to change everything. This time last year I was working an office job I hated for the boss that was terrible. I quit not having a job lined up (crazy since this is NYC and it’s so expensive). Went back to working in a restaurant while I looked for a job at a gym. I was a host because it’s the only thing this restaurant had available and I needed something ASAP. I struggled to make enough money for my bills and rent, forget even living, going out and having fun. Found a gym job while I worked both. Waking up at 4am to get to the gym. Then working til 11-12 at night at the restaurant. I was slowly killing myself but I knew if I kept working this hard things would pop. Then my boy @thisisjava Told me Orangetheory needed another male and things started turning around. I was able to pay my bills and not be so stressed. Finally making enough to leave the restaurant life behind and focus solely on training. I still had a lot of free time so I needed to find a new crossfit gym to coach since that’s what I love. Then I met @deannamarieeg and she offered me a spot to coach at ICE. Fast forward I now have a full schedule of coaching, doing exactly what I love, hanging with people that are amazing and making a difference in people’s lives. To everyone that I coach, thanks for letting me live out my dream job. But to me things are just getting started. If this is where I’m at in a years time of busting my ass, I can’t wait to look back the same time next year and see where I’m at because I know it’s only up from here. #majormoves18

Try this finisher at the end of your workout. It will absolutely fry you. Double kb deadlift, snatch left, double kettle deadlift, snatch right. 5 minutes on the clock, get as many reps as you can. I don’t remember what I got but by the 3rd minute I was dead. 📸: @robertramseyrevolution

During the week, straight 👴🏻. I’ll get back to you super bright and early. More like 430am and wake your ass up

It’s about to be a no pants party! I’m not down with this cold!

Messing around with class today doing some Turkish get ups. Awesome full body exercise. Always see people do it with barbells so decided to test out #95. I think #135 is on the horizon.

✌🏻2017. You started out bad. Quit a job i hated and had nothing lined up. Went back to working in a restaurant while I rebuilt my life. Got hired by a great gym which helped me turn my life back around. Got hired by another amazing gym to fill up my training schedule. Busted my ass to get to the position I’m in and I’m so happy about it. Everyone always says next year will be their year and I feel the same. If I continue working as hard as I have been, 2018 is gonna see a big change. Cheers to 17, here’s to 18! #newyearsameme

We feeling good on a Friday! Decided to jump in and work with class today. Had a 10 min EMOM, 1 snatch every 30 seconds at 205#. Snatches haven’t felt this good since before my shoulder injury! And for 20 in a row. Don’t call it a comeback, I been here for years. 📸: @sabrinaglunt

Bruh...for real for real. I ask myself every winter wtf am I doing here right now!

Hump day definitely calls for some coffee. Specially if I wanna make it through this workout and burn off all this holiday fat and alcohol.

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