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NAME THAT TUNE! Had this song stuck in my head this morning (as I do with most of this artists songs) so, I decided to do a little acoustic loop station (which I still have no idea how to use) video of it.

As it turns out, this feel is really hard to make feel good! Also, I brushed my teeth specifically for this video. You're welcome.

#loopstation #line6 #firehawk #acoustic #masterbilt #singersongwriter

Top 10 most influential albums in no particular. No one nominated me to do this. I did it on my own accord out of curiosity to see what would actually make the list.

I know it's "in no particular order," but I'm sure the fact that this is the first album I chose to feature speaks volumes. I was introduced to the album when I was 7. A good 12 years after I was born, and it is still one of the few hard copies that lives in my car. As a matter of fact, I've gone through 3 copies of this CD because of my own clumsiness.

So many unique and interesting production decisions on this record, starting at the top with Stewart Copeland lending his expertise for ONLY the hi hat track on Red Rain.

Move on to Sledgehammer. I still can't get over the Tony Levin and and Manu Katche groove. That drum sound makes me so happy. Was Tony Levin making a nod to "Tell Me Something Good" in that fretless bass line?

Other interesting notes worth of mentioning: Tony Levin's muted bass sound on "Don't Give Up" was literally a diaper under the strings. Consider checking out the Pink and John Legend version of that song with Vinnie and Tal on drums and bass.

I also think Peter Gabriel may have tracked this whole thing on a Shure Sm57. On the Classic Albums documentary, they mentioned that Peter Gabriel absolutely could not stand studio cans. So, they made a little boombox his monitor. They then flashed to image of him sitting in front of a boombox with a 57 in his face. What?! Speaking of boomboxes, I still feel like In Your Eyes is the perfect love song. I don't care about any cheesy parodies of that Say Anything scene (I'm looking at you Deadpool.) PS. Not many covers make me as angry as the Jeffrey Gains cover of this song.

Anyways. This is my first submission to the latest social media thing... As scattered as this post is. Good morning!

The 'Rolla rolls on!! I'm gonna keep driving this 2001 until forever! #toyota #corolla thanks to @timphelan_crtstudios for the supervision!

Using science to try to get to the bottom of this. #laurel #yanny #LoreiliGilmore #GilmoreGirls @sleigh806

Messing around with the looper inside the Firehawk. Rock and Roll sounds or something. Mostly posting this to figure out how I landed this nonsensical lick towards the end. What the heck was that???

When your harmonies are on point until that falsetto note.


Felt cute. Might delete later tho

Heckin' A N G E R Y

@tony_camponovo please make this your profile picture.

Rehearsing a tune off of @jordanwhitmore 's EUFALA album at @actonmethodistchurch. Dat white Strat doe. Also dat Line6 Firehawk. Tone on FLEEK ya'll.

It's a 90's cleaning party in the B.S. homestead

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