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Brendan Gilman  Guitar-vocals-bass Band leader for Gary Kyle Guitar instructor from DFW Animal enthusiast Hashtag typical fitness statement Snapchat: Broka.Brendan

I had to put something up. #ChesterBennington

Drilling this spacey sounding countryish sounding lick thing I came up with. Apparently I'm doomed to always stick 5 note groupings in everything. Sorry not sorry.

Also. The feline makes an appearance. Welcome her into your hearts.

#hashtag #tele #flatseven #countrymusic #spacemusic #cat

Gosh man. The cd/dvd that made me decide this is what I had to do. I had to pay my bills doing this. Thank you for everything, Chester.

Tis the season for this R2 unit to supplement the central ac and fight the wrath of the dreaded upstairs apartment heat. #R2D2ac

Heckin' di rigs ya'll.

#line6 #helix #line6helix @therileylawson

This past Friday with Holly Tucker at the House of Blues in Dallas. Holly Tucker is heckin' legit guys. She went a pretty considerable distance on season 4 of The Voice, so she's obviously no joke! Seems like we've been trying for months to do a gig! Awesome it finally lined up @hollytmusic !!! #thevoice #teamblake #tele #texasmusic #hollytucker

Snapchat filter machine. 🅱 r o k e. We got real cats tho.

Will Smith's son when he realizes no one will be accepting his friend requests anymore.

Whatever tho. Facebook is dead for the youngins anyway. Fb is for thots anyway. He'll be slidin' into yo girl's dm's.

When she wants no part of your meme lifestyle. Doin me a heartbreak fren. @sleigh806
#memes #doggo #woofer #bork #borf

Last night at Courtyard Theater with @garykylemusic was pretty dang incredible. Definitely top ten coolest places I've ever played.

Anyone know why I get this notification on my phone whenever I'm up in the club?

Network tv edits are just my favorite flavor is all. #Wanderlust #PaulRudd

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